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Will app be really able to hide my Wi-Fi traffic?

Hello, I'd like to know more about that Bunny project. My company uses wireless networks to organize work flow and to allow our personnel to work with their own mobile gadgets, such as smartphones or tablets. That's why it would be really cool to have something, that is able to protect that traffic.

Hello, Kevin!

Yes, we at have checked that app and may tell you it will be able to hide your wireless traffic. But there are a couple of things, that should be kept in mind. Basically, it hides all the useful traffic in 2.4 GHz noise, and disguises it in service fields of the signal. The main disadvantage here is a huge loss of speed. Also, Bunny sustains connection between only two devices, it creates some kind of a darknet.

You should also know, that Wi-Fi is really vulnerable and it would be cool to avoid using it in corporate segment. And Bunny won't be able to grant a full protection from various hackers, because it simply disguises traffic, making it harder to detect, but that's not impossible. Keep in mind that this traffic can be also intercepted.

Another problem here lies in the fact that Bunny still won't work with smartphones or tablets, and we'd like to recommend you avoid using those to connect your corporate network. Smartphones are really vulnreable, and someone may hack it and commence a man in the middle attack on the wired and secure network of your company. In that case, classic powerful Wi-Fi signal blockers would be much better, because they are able to limit the spreading of Wi-Fi signals and make those immune to interception.

Thank you for your question, I hope I've managed to help!

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