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WP 7 And 8 User Data Is At Risk Due To New Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities


If you are reading our articles, you might have already understood that smartphones are a significant enough threat, despite all their valuable qualities. Many mobile phones pose a significant threat to personal data. The key danger of using such devices lies in the human factor. Many users may be subject to fraudulent attacks in an attempt to obtain sensitive information.

Safe of mobile devices

You should understand that safe mobile devices practically do not exist. All of them carry a particular danger. Some may even have operating system vulnerabilities. Knowledgeable people can take advantage of these problems, leading to many unpleasant consequences in the future.

Unsafe software

You should also pay attention to using various unsafe software products for operating the operating system, which may have drawbacks. For example, when installing a mobile application on the Android operating system, you need to confirm many permissions that violate user data confidentiality. Many people do not read these permissions, just ensuring them. In many situations, you can encounter fraudulent activities, which will lead to unpleasant consequences in the future.


Similar actions need to be done on iOS. In the app store, you must confirm all permissions before installing. This is the easiest way for attackers to get your sensitive data. This is how viruses and other harmful software products can easily be used.

Vulnerabilities of Windows Phones

Windows Phone software vulnerabilities deserve special attention. This information is usually not so standard, but it is also essential. Many of these smartphones have a vulnerability in the PEAP-MS-CHAPv2 protocol. It is designed to connect to wireless networks.

Once the phone verifies the wireless network access point, scammers can seize the moment and take control of the device. As a result, all personal data can be easily stolen, up to banking data.


Microsoft does not provide any information about this vulnerability. Instead, detailed instructions have been issued on how to avoid this problem.

How to protect your data?

However, there is no guarantee that your data will be protected. That is why you should use modern software and hardware for protection. For example, a Wi-Fi signal jammer can perfectly cope with the task. Many organizations are already implementing a solution to improve efficiency and protect data.

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