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What's with security of iKettle Wi-Fi teapot?

Hi there! I've heard that here I can get help and advices regarding wireless security. I have preordered iKettle. That's a Wi-Fi compatible teapot, that can be controlled remotely with iPhone, iPad or Android based smartphone or tablet, with a special app. I wonder, will someone be able to access my kettle, like hacking it to make it boil until it will start a fire?

Hi there, George!

That iKettle is a cool device, we'd install it in our Jammer-Store office ourselves, if there were no security flaws in it. Well, we are sure that no one will be able to make a fire, hacking the iKettle because manufacturers have surely installed a safety catch, but surely will be able to cause some troubles, like huge electricity bills, etc.

Well, iKettle is a really handy gadget, and it will surely be popular, but keep in mind that its main weak spot is Wi-Fi compatibility. Wi-Fi networks are rather vulnerable and that gadget is not an exception. The problem here is that iKettle creates its own wireless network inside your house, and there is no info about if you can adjust its range. So anyone from the outside may try to intercept your password and access your network.

Another problem is that you will connect it with your smartphone and that can expose your personal information. You know, modern smartphones have vulnerable spots with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and you will risk it every time, when you'd like to boil the water. Wireless networks are not really stable, also, keep in mind that if you neighbour has a Wi-Fi signal jammer, your iKettle may be blocked. So make sure you really need that gadget, before buying it, sometimes it might be better to stay with your old school home appliances.

Thank you for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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