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What Are Malicious Apps And How To Avoid Them?

What is malware? It is short for malicious software, which is created by hackers in order to damage our computer or mobile operation system. We would like to inform you more about bad softwares which are dangerous for our smartphones because hackers have created many different kinds and they really can cause serious troubles. People should know at least what malware is and what to do if their mobile phone is affected. There are several antivirus programs which can help you but choose carefully which one is most reliable.

We guess you know the two main types of malwares are „Worms” and „Trojans” but there are a lot more. There are softwares created specially for some OS e.g. there is a malware for Android and if you are an owner of smartphone running on any other OS, you do not need to worry because it can’t harm your device. 3D anti-terrorist is a game which is able to damage your Windows Mobile phone and it is important to know that is danger only for this OS. If you want to play the game on your Android or iPhone, do not hesitate, it is safe for you and your data.

Hidden malwares

Malwares can be hidden not only in games but in a lot of other applications. Some of them will want a permission to be installed on your phone, that is why be careful what you download and install. There are also malware which changes your icons with images of skulls in order not to know where which application is. Not only that but some bad softwares change the color of the text and the background of the phone in black. This will make your phone unusable. Having an affected smartphone will also make your bill bigger because some of the malwares start sending SMS or MMS messages without your permisssion. There are cases in which it can start even international calls.

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