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Vulnerable Spots Of Windows Phone 8

Phones with Windows operation system have become more and more popular recently but there are a lot of prejudices about them. Most of the people prefer buying and Android or iOS because iOS is more reliable, while Android OS is vulnerable, but really cheaper. People are still not sure that phones running on Windows are good enough. As every new thing these phones are a little bit suspicious for most of us. We say that like every other operation system Windows also has some disadvantages but have in mind that probably they will be removed in some years. Nokia and Windows- both are very reliable companies which has proved itself on the market. They work together so there is no chance about this OS to be not improved and to become may be even the most reliable software for mobile phones.

Major issues

With this article we at Jammer-Store would like to give you some information about the supposed vulnerabilities and you to be become more acquainted about them. As every major operation framework this one has a lot of vulnerabilities and you should know them if you are a Windows phone owner. Knowing about them you can secure your information and not to be affected by any of the damages. We are sure you want to have the best mobile phone so be very careful when the time for buying a new one comes.

We all know what Bluetooth is about. We can transfer information with other phones- e.g. music, images, even games. But also a lot of information can be stolen from your phone if you have forgotten to turn off your Bluetooth. Having it turned on it can be very dangerous about your personal information. If you have your Bluethooth turned on it is absolutely unsafe because in this way a lot of your data can be stolen. A lot of people after using it forget turning it off, but be very careful. People are very neglectful towards Bluetooth and do not realize how dangerous it can be if they have not turned it off. There are cases when it works even for a couple of days without the owner of the phone stops it.

One of the weakest sides

This is one of the weakest sides of Windows operation system. Another one is Wi-Fi module. Though all the Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable and are a good spot for hackers – Windows phones have even more vulnerabilities for Wi-Fi hacking. But we believe this software will be improved in the future and become even the most reliable phone software. Also there is a tendency that a lot of others operation systems will be released in some years on the market and it is only our decision which one to choose and which one fits best into our needs. But there is one thing valid for all kinds of operation systems- each of them has its pros and cons and before buying a new mobile phone we should read reviews and be sure that we know all of the vulnerabilities. We can say that getting a new cell phone is not just spending your money. Have in mind all of the vulnerabilities especially if you buy a Windows phone and also keep in mind that a simple 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal blocker will make any cell phone safer. We are more than sure all of them will be improved in the future.

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