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Voice jammers and blockers

UltraSonic - Voice recorder jammer
Scope of useJammer UltraSonic has a wide range of effects. The device is used to ensure the confidentiality of information during business meetings and negotiations. Due to the built-in battery, the device can be used during a business trip at outdoor events.FunctionalityInterference extends 360 deg..
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Ultrasonic-Spy - voice recorder jammer
Ultrasonic-Spy is a particular jamming device that is used to secure the tracking of recording devices. It is the best solution for office and business negotiations. The jammer is equipped with special ultrasonic emitters. They affect microphones that record devices, preventing the distribution of s..
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Voice jammers, blockers, delayers and disruptors

Using Voice Recorder Jammers

Unique silencers and voice recorder suppressors are actively used to reduce the risk of theft of important information and unauthorized access to it during recording. These devices are highly efficient and responsible for complete protection against the leakage of strategically essential data. For example, silencers can be used for negotiations.

Jammers prevent access to any listening device. As a result, when people try to listen, they will not be able to hear anything, even with a strong desire. There are several possible options for jamming signals. It can be acoustic, ultrasonic, and any other type. You can also use several different methods simultaneously to improve reliability.

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