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Voice jammers and blockers

UltraSonic - Voice recorder jammer
Application area Jammer of voice recorders and wireless communications "UltraSonic" can protect the confidentiality of business negotiations from recording and leakage of information over wireless communications. Thanks to the built-in battery and small size, the jammer can be taken for business me..
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Ultrasonic-Spy - voice recorder jammer
«Ultrasonic-Spy» recorder suppressor is designed to combat recording devices in an office or meeting room. The suppressor is equipped with 24 ultrasonic emitters, the impact of which on the microphones of recording devices does not allow interlocutors to record confidential information. Thanks to th..
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Voice jammers, blockers, delayers and disruptors

Voice recorder suppressors

Voice recorder jammers and suppressors – technical solution aimed to protect information from unsanctioned recording, in other words – such devices provide you with full protection against data leakage of personal or commercial value during the negotiations or talks.

The jammers will not allow any listening device to record your voice, when the rest of the people within the range are not aware of the jammer presence! There are several means of jamming: ultrasonic, acoustic etc. You can also use all means of jamming at the same time to provide maximum security.

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