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Using A Smartphone While Driving Kills

The benefits of using new mobile phones can hardly be overestimated. Those gadgets gave us the possibility to provide communications to almost every place in the world. You know, you can’t be near your family or friend forever but with mobile communications you’ll be close to them and it doesn’t matter how far you really are.

But with all those benefits and bonuses smartphones are real killers. A recent statistic about using cell phones while driving claims that more than 20 per cent of fatal car crashes were caused by an inappropriate use of a mobile phone. Hundreds of people die and get injuries everyday worldwide thanks to using a mobile phone while driving. The cool thing is that same technology that kills, this to make things right. I’m talking about cell phone jammers.

According to some specialists the new models of cell phone jammers will lower the number of car accidents. If you are one of many people who are still wondering how this is possible, then let us give you brief information on this topic by saying that lots of us are taking serious risks talking on the phone while driving. This is why scientists designed a special type of cell phone jammers that should be installed in some of the latest models of cars.

If you give this idea a serious thought you will see that it is actually genius but only to some extent. Of course there are lots of negative sides of this thing but before doing so, let us pay special attention to the pros. The first thing we should pay attention to here is the fact that it will definitely decrease the number of the car accidents for sure. While driving and not speaking on the phone we pay the needed attention to the road and we are focused only on it. This has been proven by specialists. But if we are talking on the phone we can’t be as focused on the road and often accidents might occur. Our braking and maneuvering reactions are at least 45% slower.  That’s why more and more people try to protect their children with those jamming devices in their cars. Plus one more positive thing here is that if you are a jib-jabber and at the same time you are spending lots of time in the car, if your signal is blocked, you will lower your monthly bill.

What’s about the negative sides of using cell phone jammers in cars? First of all, it is pretty important to know that sometimes you might have to make an urgent call. If this happens and the signal in the car is jammed, this means that you will have to stop and make the call. This is pretty uncomfortable, especially when you have in mind the fact that outside it might be raining or you might be in a hurry for an important meeting. But look at this from another side. If you will stop to make a call you will not be a danger to other drivers and it will be much safer to you.

I hope that after reading this article you will think twice before you’ll use your cell phone in a car. But what to do if it is almost impossible to control yourself and you are sure that calls will still distract you? Jammer-Store developed a solution right for you. If you don’t want your smartphone to steal your attention or distract your relatives – install a small portable cell phone signal jammer in your car and be 100% focused on the road.

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