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US Judges Approve 30000 Secret Electronic Management Orders Every Year

Local store video surveillance

It isn't a trick but authentic information. It is a complete truth. This is possible due to the adopted law on modern communication services. This act could be changed at the request of large companies and those who care about digital privacy. A special investigation was also carried out on this subject, according to which more than 30,000 sealed supervision orders were published in 2006.

However, not all of these instructions have been published. These electronic orders are valid only in cases where a citizen has committed an offense. If there were no crimes, then the administration of people continues, so many people do not even suspect it. Daily, the government monitors their activities on social networks and the Internet, regardless of the specifics of the actions.

Mobile phone eavesdropping and location finding

How to protect you digital data?

ECPA is old legislation allowing large corporations to spy on their users without permission legally. For example, if the police will search your house, they will first receive a warrant. At the same time, companies can follow you without worrying about punishment.

The situation may differ in the future, but the law is now in effect. Of course, you can protect your digital privacy yourself using available methods.

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