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US army all set to develop jamming system with state of art technology and flawless efficacy

The Navy Times reported that the US Army has recently honored four contracts that were involve with the development of the next generation of jammer electronic warfare systems. The new system touted to replace the ALQ-99, which is a tactical jamming system acts like a shield for protecting the US aircraft from the missiles of the enemy forces. The US navy is currently planning to invest a sum of $4 billion for the development of this new generation of jammer.

The trial product

ITT touts to work with the Boeing Phantom Works unit centered in St. Louis for the manufacturing of this trial product.

The ALQ-99 jamming system has already been employed for a range of task in the US force comprising everything from the retired EF-111 Raven to the Navy and Marine Corps’ EA-6B Prowler and also the Growler Electronic warfare jets called the EA-18G.

The old version of the jammer

The old version of the jammer was very efficient on intercepting; processing the signal automatically and even jamming the received signals of the said radio frequency, alongside it was capable of detecting and locating the origin of these signals.

The Electronic warfare planes find ample utility in the combat operations of the present-day. Therefore, with such dramatic increase in the number of roadside bombs in Taliban and Afghanistan, US Forces are now eager to get a latest upgrade of the jamming weapons rather than just relying on those radio and cell phone communications.

The solution that is the most apt for this concern is the development of a better jamming system that is more efficient and stealthy and is longer in range and can even combat targets that are guarded by the defense networks of the modern times; the Pentagon range that needs an immediate work is considering this.

Not just this, the US Air Force is also working on the development of a novice system to locate the jammers of the enemy satellites. According to a report issued in 2009, the airborne electronic attack weapons that the US military used are considered ineffective in front of the S-400 integrated defense systems used by Russia that are currently being sold overseas in the international market.


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