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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Over The US Will Be Used Against Americans


The problem of unmanned drones, which were designed for recognizance missions over the battlefield and as striking force in the war against terrorism is pretty urgent in the USA these days. As you know recently American senators blocked the election of a new CIA chief, which is the most likely to be John Brennan.

In Wednesday, 07 of March when the congress had to nominate John Brennan as a new CIA chief, republican representative from Kentucky Rand Paul resorted to the procedure of delaying that nomination. Paul has already stated that he would try to do that last week. He made such a decision because Barack Obama's administration will use those remotely controlled drones inside the country, in other worlds they will be used for domestic surveillance against American citizens.

Predator Drones

Those Predator Drones, were initially designed for combat operations and reckon missions in other countries now will be tracking citizens of the United States inside the country. Those drones will be tracking armed citizens and using cell tower triangulation to track their positions. US Department Of Homeland Security, which inducted that process stated that these measures will significantly lower the risks of terrorism and other offenses, connected with illegal use of firearms. But lawyers already responded to that decision and stated that it is violating the privacy rights, every citizen of the US has.


Earlier, Predator unmanned drones were used for patrolling the northern and southern borders of the United States, but they were suspended due to the strengthening law enforcements such as FBI with Secret Service and local police officers.

But what exactly those surveillance UAV's are able to do? They will be able to identify whether a person is armed even at night and also they can track the location of that person and send it to a law enforcement. So as you can see anyone with a gun, no matter is it legal or not can be tracked without any warrant.

US government legalized the use of UAVs

Last month US government legalized the use of UAVs at the US territory and the Federal Aviation Administration promised to fix all the issues with privacy and personal data gathering. But as far as we at Jammer-Store can see it, it went nowhere. So our data will be still gathered and we would not even know about that.


“I am really concerned with the fact that this technology will be utilized against American law abiding firearm owners, - said Allan Gottlieb, the founder and vice president of Fund of Supporters of The Second Amendment. - This may lead to the violation of rights that were stated by the Fourth and the Second Amendment.”

And all that activity around UAVs in the United States took place after the Ministry of Justice explained that UAV's may be used in the USA only in ase of war or massive terrorists attack. But we can see that the decision was made, but Rand Paul still tries to block the nomination of a new CIA chief, which will probably support the tactics led by the US government.

Using military blocker

So in that case we will have to try to protect ourselves from tracking of those drones and you can really do that. You will probably need a high-power military signal blocker, which will make sure that remotely controlled drones will not be able to track your location. People have to protect their privacy themselves, even Benjamin Franklin said that a society, that gives a little liberty to gain a little security, will deserve neither and loose both.

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