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Third Party Dialer Apps Are Malware In 96% Of Cases

Privacy specialists at advice not to install third-party dialer applications on your Android mobile phone. If you install it, it will go wrong and some problems will appear. It does not matter what phone you are using because all the integrated dialers are great and there is just no need to install another one. They are created to work in the best way so you should have no worries about their functionality.

Spam issues

You may have heard about an application for Android which can do the same function as a dialer. Do not trust it! It will steal your contact’s info and then it will start sending numerous spam SMS messages and you will not know about that. When the end of the month comes, you will be absolutely surprised by the bill you get. Do not hesitate where all the money comes from. Firstly, as most people you will think the problem comes from the network provider, but you are wrong. Your phone has been affected and many messages have been sent from it so this is the reason for the „horrifying” bill. In that case, the best thing you can do is to turn the phone off, or use a cell phone signal blocker, and get your device to specialists, so they would clean up the mess.

It is worth mentioning that mobile phones running on Android are most vulnerable. We want to warn all users of smartphones not to install any applications which are not offered by the official store of the operation system. This is not only for dialers but for any other applications such as games, music players, dictionaries etc. It would be better to spend some money on something reliable than just installing a software for free but in a while getting a lot of troubles.


As we have started talking about dialers, we want to say that it is useless to install one because the original dialers which is integrated in the phone is able to meet all your urges and you will not be disappointed by its functions. Our piece of advice is – Do not change it! But if you insist so bad on changing it there is a great chance to have your mobile phone affected by a malware ( We are sure you do not want to have such problems). We hope we have convinced you that you do not need to „change” your dialer because you will not get a better one but even a worse.

Using jamming devices

Most people do not know about these modern smartphones vulnerabilities and that is the main problem. Not knowing about them, they think nothing can go wrong with the mobile phone after installing some applications. We have mentioned that you can have many troubles if your smartphone is affected, so read a lot of information about your mobile phone and its vulnerabilities because in this way you will be informed and in case it is infected with a malware you will know what to do. Hackers spend much time in thinking more and more malwares so do not that there is no chance your device can’t be hacked because it is not true. Your information can be stolen very easily, so do not store it on your phone.

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