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The Whole Truth About Cell Phone Jammers

Previously, the police and other government agencies actively used special equipment to block signals. With the help of such equipment, it was possible to block various signals. This method is quite simple and effective, as it allows you to achieve the best results. At the same time, such equipment was forbidden to be used by civilians.

Now signal blockers are very common among other users. This equipment can be used for a variety of tasks. There are different types of equipment that can block a variety of signals. The use of jammers is recommended for use in large cities.

Jammers usage

Despite all the laws, jammers remain popular because they are ideal for usage in lots of cases, such as:

1. To block cell phones in theatres, movies, and other public places
2. To block cell phones in medical institutions
3. To secure conference halls from industrial espionage
4. To secure working places from spying gadgets
5. To provide absolute informational security
6. To prevent people from spying on you and tracking your location
7. To prevent detonation of several kinds of bombs
8. To prevent cheating at tests and exams
9. To prevent falsifications of voting process during elections
10. To secure military forces from homing missiles
11. To help police in fighting the criminals

Jammers disadvantages

Nevertheless, several disadvantages of jammers can also be names. For example, jammers:

1. Can be used during carjacking
2. Can be used by criminals in different ways
3. Violate the rights of communication companies
4. Prohibit making of emergency phone calls

When speaking about the advantages of using jammers, the first thing that is mentioned is the ability to block cell phones in public places such as theatres, movies, restaurants, etc. Some people can’t or just don’t want to understand that their talking on the phone irritates people around them. It’s really awful when at theatre or movie you hear noisy ringtone and after that you hear someone’s annoying whispering saying “Hello, how are you? I can’t talk right now so I’ll call you back later”. Such distraction can easily spoil any play or film, even the most interesting one. Or just imagine how irritative it is to listen to somebody’s blabbing on the phone at public transportation. And the only way to stop them from annoying other people around them is to block GSM connection by using cell phone jammer. As for the GSM connection, it can be destructive for some types of medical equipment in hospitals and phone call can intrude upon patients’ leisure. So lots of hospitals are equipped with specialized jammers to prevent the harmful influence of cell phones.
Another problem that jammers help to fight against is spy bugs. Modern offices are ideal for placing spy listening devices and thus getting secret information. Listening bug placed at your conference hall will make industrial espionage as easy as ABC. And, as you know, industrial espionage can harm your business greatly or even destroy your company. The leak of information is very dangerous and you by all means should prevent it. Most spy bugs use GSM 3G connection so usage of powerful GSM 3G jammer will provide you with necessary informational security. There are even special high power jammers that are capable of blocking all major radio frequencies at once. So if you need absolute informational security and 100% guarantee that all spy transmitters will be blocked, you should use Full Band Jammer for that purpose.
Everyone in our society has a right to privacy but there are many cases when some people try to invade our privacy for some reasons. These reasons may be different but the result is the only one, someone finds out something about us we don’t want other people to know. You can be spied on by criminals who want to steal something from you, your wife or husband may be tracking you because you are suspected in cheating on your beloved one, your competitors may be tracking your location and thus getting the info they want or even some secret services may be tracking every your move. I’m not the one to love such attention and neither do you, I suppose. And once again GPS jammer is the only thing to protect us from spy GPS trackers and bugs. One small jamming device that can easily be put in the pocket will guarantee you effective protection against tracking devices and thus will defend your right to privacy.

Another big problem

Another big problem that can be solved with the help of jammers is academic cheating. I’m talking about those cases of academic cheating when various communicational devices are used to get info from beyond the examination room. For example, lots of students use their cell phones on exams for receiving SMS with the correct answers, making calls to get the answers from their friends. Nowadays technologies provide students even with the ability to browse the Internet with their cell phones and thus to look for the info they need on the Internet. In addition, many students get help from friends with the help of different Bluetooth devices. That’s why a lot of school teachers and university professors equip examination rooms with jammers that block GSM, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth rounds. In many governments, such usage of jammers is forbidden, but there are countries that allow such methods of preventing cheating during various exams.
School exams are not the only place where high tech gadgets are used to affect the results. Thus several cases of usage of spy devices were detected during various elections. And once again it was jamming equipment that was used to prevent interfering into the voting process.
But jammers are used not only for civil purposes. Militaries and police forces also have lots of appliances for jamming technology. One of the most serious of them is bomb disposal. Not every bomb can be deactivated with the help of jammers but bombs that are activated via cell phone signal can be. Such bombs are rather popular among terrorists because they can be easily detonated with a simple phone call. And that is why cell phone jammer can prevent the detonation because the cell phone based detonator won’t receive incoming call and thus won’t be activated.
Militaries also consider jammers to be ideal defense against homing missiles that are guided on a target by a GSM or GPS signal. This type of homing missiles is extremely efficient and thus rather popular. So the risk of its usage during the assassination attempt on some important person is very high. That is why militaries use jammers during almost all operations so they become totally untraceable for the enemies. And that is the key to success when speaking about undercover operations.
As for the police forces, they use jammers very often especially when dealing with criminals. It’s very important to cut off the communications between criminals during the raid on bandit dens so they won’t be able to coordinate their actions or send a warning to other bandits about the police intrusion. And the easiest way for police to cut off the communications is to jam all major frequencies with a powerful jammer.
As you can see, the usage of jamming devices can bring lots of benefits for the society but still some people consider jammers to be illegal and extremely dangerous. The first fact they mention when speaking of forbidding the jamming devices is that jammers can be used by criminals to simplify their illegal activities. For example, car thieves can easily use GPS jammer during the carjacking to make car absolutely untraceable and as a result it will be much more difficult for police to find the car and land that criminal. Another way the criminals can use jammers is to block the police commonnesses so the police actions will be disorganized and less effective. Indeed, jammers can be used in illegal activities but that’s not enough to consider them to be dangerous. Bank robbers use cars to escape from the place of crime but we don’t outlaw cars, do we?
To my mind, the only serious disadvantage of jammers is that when the jammer is on it blocks absolutely all calls and thus emergency calls can’t be made. You just won’t be able to call 911 with the cell phone jammer working near you. But that is not the reason why jammers are illegal in some countries. True reason of their illegality is that jammers violate the rights of communication companies. According to the communication laws only licensed companies have a right to use certain frequencies. Due to the fact that jammers transmit radio waves on those frequencies to block them, the usage of jammers violates communication laws. Mobile network operators are interested in illegalization of jammers and governments are ready to obey because of one simple reason, “money”. That’s not a secret that governments of many countries are bribed to lobby the interests of giant corporations. And that is why it doesn’t matter whether society is pro or against the jammers, government will do exactly what mobile telecommunication network corporations will tell them. But doesn’t government suppose to defend my rights and freedoms and not the interests of transnational corporations?

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