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The Technology Of Future

Technologies of The Nearest Future

Technology does not stand still. Before our eyes become a history audio and video cassettes, vinyl records and relevant players. According to specialists, not so long have to wait until such time as a sink into oblivion, and those devices which we believe are fully modern.

Europe's largest electronics retailer 

Europe's largest electronics retailer Pixmania drawn up a list of devices and developments, which are likely to be forgotten by the end of 2010. Recall that it is mainly about European countries, as for Russia, they will likely survive a little longer.

The first candidates for extinction are DVD-players. Their killers would be BluRay-device, multi-game consoles and downloaded videos from the Internet.

They will be followed by usual faxes. Analysts are confident that they are simply not needed, because there are many developments in their stead.

Satellite navigators

Next victim - satellite navigators. The proliferation of smartphones and phones with integrated GPS-receivers, according to the point of view, the study's authors, rapidly reduce the demand for them. However, this view seems to us quite controversial.

In addition, the disappearance of the charger for mobile phones. They will replace the wireless chargers and charging via USB, believe Pixmania’s analysts.

Touch screens will serve as the perpetrators of mice death. Wii Remote will obsolete too (the remote game console, Wii). New Development Project Natal from Microsoft allows to track players' movements without gamepads. Other technological "remnants" are analog TVs, landline phones, USB-modems for 3G networks and classic credit cards.

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