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The sale of Apple iPad tablet began in the USA

The sale of Apple iPad opened on April, 3 in the United State. The mechanism is marketed at the company stores, as well as in the most electronics shopping centers “Best Buy”.
Ipads, which are now available in the market, have no admission to the 3G network and no module of GPS. Nevertheless, lots of people had gathered at the Apple shops and “Best Buy” before the opening. Many of them crowded at the main New York Apple shops on Tuesday.

IPad pre-orders

The reception of IPad pre-orders began in the United States on the twelfth of March. According to the analysts, the consumers had already booked the hundreds and thousands of the gizmos, although no one had not even held them in their hands. The iPad cost is 499 $ for the 16-gigabyte model, 599 $ for the 32-gigabyte and 699 dollars for the 64-gigabyte iPad.

Soon before the opening of the sales more than 2300 IPad supplements appeared in the APP Store. On the average their charge is higher than the iPod touch and iPhone supplements are. However, the last ones also act on the iPad, there are more than 150 thousands of these apps in the store.

The IPad tablet was announced by the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, on January, 27 in 2010. The gadget has a multisensory screen with a diagonal in 9.7 inch and a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. The iPad uses a mobile operating system iPhone OS.
In European Union and in some other countries, the sales plan to start at the end of April. At the same time the IPad 3G-version will come in the American shop.

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