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The Russian company “Rosnano” will invest 550 million rubles in the production of microsystems in St. Petersburg

The Russian factory of production of microsystems and sensors will start working to 2012. These microsystems will be used in the navigational receivers GLONASS / GPS, in the cell phones and in the high-frequency digital TV equipment. The Roslano firm is about to invest in the production 550 million rubles, so the total budget of that project is estimated in 1.24 billion rubles. "The output of project on the planned factors is expected in 2015” –said the corporation.

It is planned that the main part of project’s revenue will be obtained from the sales of energy-efficient and affordable systems, which have a big range of the operating temperatures. And these temperatures are used for controlling the stress-strain state of the building structures. The security systems of gas-processing plans to have a high percentage of sales. In addition, the project company will bring into action the manufacturing of microsystems which is the strong to the aggressive environmental conditions.
The originator and co-investor of the project is the St. Petersburg firm "Avangard" and it thinks to provide "the intellectual property in the patents, the know-hows and in the sets of design and technological documentation”. The sponsors realize to attract the experts from various Russian scientific centers, primarily - from the Kotelnikov’s Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, so they take part at the development of the new collection of micros.

According to the experts, the world market’s volume of sensors and components was about $ fifty one billion in 2008. And It is expected that if the growth rate is about 5 % yearly, the volume will be about $ sixty seven billion in 2018.

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