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Prisons Have Begun Testing New Communication Jammers: What is Known About It?

Prisons have begun to receive new jammers that should work to block mobile phone signals. If the testing succeeds in achieving some success, then it will be possible to limit cellular communication for prisoners. At the same time, other users will have full access to all resources with minimal cost and consequences.

In many prisons, the use of mobile phones is abused by prisoners, as their use is not regulated according to current standard requirements. At the same time, prisoners do not have the right to use telephones while serving time. Every year, the prison administration seizes more than a thousand smartphones, which is constantly growing. There were also cases where some prisoners tried to contact the Russian government. That is why it was decided to increase security measures in the respective institutions.

Legal implications issue

This issue has many legal implications. Cellular communication jammers are being actively introduced in colonies and other correctional institutions. At the same time, the administration misused the equipment, drowning out the necessary signals. In big cities, using such jammers is challenging, as they lead to instability and many other unpleasant consequences. They tried using standard jammers a few years ago but interfered with the locals.

A new solution is being implemented that will help block the signals of prisoners. This will keep prison staff safe and streamline daily tasks.

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