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The prison department started the testing of new jammers

The prison department started the testing of the secret equipments, which should disable the cell phones of the prisoners. If the engineers succeed, the jails will be kept out of cell phone network, while other mobile phone users won’t be affected.
One of the biggest problems in jails is an illegal usage of cell phones. It is well-known that the convicts are forbidden in having a cell phone. Nevertheless, the prisoners keep using them, although thousands of mobile phones are withdrawn from the prisoners each year. There were even cases when prisoners tried to contact the Russian Government via cell phones. Just recently, one prisoner called the members of the Security Committee, and asked them to examine his complaint more carefully.
The head of prison authorities noticed that this problem is not actually the engineering one but the legal one, so such incidents take place from time to time. As the FSIN director mentioned, an immediate stern warning came from the special departments, which are responsible for the broadcasting when the so-called cell phone jammers were used in some colonies. The superiors were threatened with the administrative responsibility for interrupting the cell phone frequencies.
It is problematic to use such equipments in the big cities, because the normal citizens suffer from the lack of stable connection. There were several attempts to set the appropriate equipment in the jails several years ago, but it led to a public scandal, because the cell-phones stopped working not only in the jails, but also in the residents of the neighboring houses.
Other equipment is tested in Vladimir. According to the engineers, it doesn't block the telephone connection, but it detects the cell phones even if those mobile phones are switched off. So mobiles can no longer be hidden. If this equipment is successful, all jails will be equipped with those devices.

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