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The Importance of Call Logging in a War against the Phone Hackers

Businesses are evolving at the speed of light and growth brings new problems at the doorstep. Business and telephonic framework coupled together forms the core of the enterprise’s growth. Telephonic framework deals with the entire infrastructure including cost, number of devices, people operating the devices and time spent on them by the operators.

The whole scenario leads to major loopholes in the system if not monitored correctly. Telephonic frameworks are vulnerable to toll calls and unauthorized utilization of the telephonic services. Toll fraud is also popularly known as Phone Hacking. The vulnerabilities can expand into many major frameworks including TDM and IP-based voice frameworks.

The security issue can be warded off by using call logging programming. A call logger is a special program that record calls, archive them into the database and respond to thousands of data requests per second.

Calls loggers can fix the issue in a different approach, which is beneficial for any organization. The program is capable of tracking toll misrepresentation and give proper solutions to the administrator. It also embeds a simple idea of monitoring over VoIP requisitions and cautioning the administrators of any suspicious activity in the network.

Call logging is capable of penetrating visit lines, grown-up services, stimulation services and much more. The capacity of the call logger should be utilized in a great manner in the time when terrorism is paramount globally.

Call loggers can be further refined into many powerful applications by combining them with additional programming modules, which help in rendering vast information into meaningful chunk of data, easily understood by the administrator. Modules that help to generate reports can also change how the whole idea works.

Another important aspect of security is choosing the right telephonic network for your business. Telephonic networks like Cisco Phones and Mitel Phones include call logging features that can be used to avoid security breaches. These networks support call logging facilities like toll cheating, recording vital information, etc.

What if I lead the Path in a counteractive way?

Prevention is always better than cure. So, why should one waste time installing all the modules to the existing telephone framework?

Telephony framework security can be strengthened by incorporating customary reviews of:

  • Examples of Voice and Information calling
  • Steering access of Public and private system
  • Confinements and Station benefits
  • Determination of automatic way
  • Characterized software systems
  • Pair systems and private exchange.

The design of PBX is vital and should not be ignored. The PBX can be designed to incorporate a different programming method that utilizes best practices for both users and administrators.

Passwords are monitored automatically during the creation so that the weak passwords are kept out of the system. Adding watchwords over the network ensures consistency across the security connection.

The PBX further takes care of utilizing the reporting system and furnishes tickets to the offenders in a controlled fashion.

The outcome of securing your network also depends on the research capabilities and securing all the loopholes in the telephone network. All the activities should be monitored and pre-planned over the year so that the server administrator can patch and hot-fix against any infections in a timely manner.

A good telephone system always ensures that both the business and the clients get the best experience regarding telephonic system security. Call logging programming is widely used and is utilized by both small scale and large scale businesses.

Don’t let Cyber Criminals get hold of your confidential moments and logs. Prevention with jammers is always better than cure, so get hold of a Call Logger today to be secure and keep your family secure as well. Good Day.

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