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The First Rule Of Robotics Or May Robot Harm A Human Being?

Rovio The Robot

Robotics are developing pretty quickly and today I would like to highlight a couple of those robotic remotely controlled devices that really can do some harm to us. Meet the Rovio Robot! Probably you are thinking that this might some kind of an airplane or something hi-tech of this class but the truth is other. This is actually a robot. Yes, it is a small robot in the form of a toy and you can get it as a present to your kids. It navigates with help of numerous sensors and can even use a GPS when it is used outdoor.

The Wi-Fi compatibility

Those toys are really popular these days. The reason why we are telling you all this is because we don’t know what the next invention is going to be The robot itself is equipped with integrated 640x480 VGA camera that can’t be seen easily if you have no clue that it even has it, and a microphone, so that you can hear everything the persons you are currently spying on, are talking. The Wi-Fi compatibility of this robot will let you control it from any point of the planet where internet connection can be found. That gadget can also get to his docking station for recharging all by himself. So it can really work as highly effective and autonomous spying tool.

Robotic Weapon


But unfortunately that’s not all. Another robot that can easily threaten not only our privacy but even life itself is Robotic Weapon designed by Rogers Design Group. It is RF controlled platform wielding a weapon. It’s firing accuracy is not really high, but considering the fact that it can get pretty close to you we at Jammer-Store Corporation may say that low accuracy is not a real problem. Robotic Weapon is made of aluminum and is controlled via Wi-Fi. It has also a wireless camera and a microphone. The whole device can be easily controlled by a single operator. That operator can see everything that his robot sees and hears everything the robot hears.

Isaac Azimov, a great science fiction author once wrote in his three laws of robotics that “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm” but now they actually can. For example we can mention robotic devices that took part in a war in Iraque the so called SWORDS robot that is mounted with .45 cal machine gun and was designed for war. Those devices are pretty dangerous and they are to be the future of modern warfare. There are even more types of those military robotic devices, much of them are telepresence devices, which are unable to act without an operator, but such machines as Guardian can be pretty independent.

SWORDS Military Robot

Wi-Fi signal blockers

So, as you can see remotely controlled robotic devices can be pretty harmful and dangerous and the bad news here are that people with some knowledge in the sphere of electronics and programming can build those devices at home. Of course they won’t be as perfect and functional as their military colleagues, but even they may be successful with spying on you or even kill you.

In that case you will surely need some protection and in a matter of fact it exists. As long as the majority of those robots are RF controlled we can use signal blockers against them. The most convenient way to organize a remote control and video streaming is Wi-Fi connection so you may try to block it first with 2.4 GHz signal blockers. You may never need that jammer, but when it comes to security – it is better to make your best with ensuring it.

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