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The Biggest Spy Center In USA: The NSA Has Overmatched Everyone

NSA Utah Data Center from Wired cover

The latest news about UK plans to spy on its citizens and India trying to spy on all mobile phones in the country are nothing in comparison to the latest scandal in the USA related to the illegal intrusion of the secret intelligence agencies into the private life of common American citizens. The reason of it is the latest edition of the Wired magazine with the picture you can see above at the cover. The facility you see there is being constructed by the NSA (National Security Agency of the USA), and this facility is nothing more but the gigantic intelligence and spying center, where all information about ordinary American citizens will be stored — starting from their phone conversations recorded and ending with Google search queries. The author of this article, based on the sources from NSA, is a well-known journalist James Bamford. Since the beginning of the 1970s he wrote four books about NSA as its primary chronicler and critic at the same time.

It is known for long time already that NSA conducts large-scale construction in the desolate wastelands near small Mormon town of Bluffdale, Utah. Officially there will be the cyber security center that will protect US from foreign hackers. But Bamford claims that the real goal of the NSA is not that simple. He describes in all details such things which are far more obscure than even the most incredible conspiracy theories.

Two hangars with the four 25 000 square foot facilities will be the heart of the Utah Data Center. There will be so many servers that the amount of the stored data will be equal to one yottabyte. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has estimated in 2003 that all humanity’s knowledge was equal to something about 5 exabytes at that moment, i.e. 200 000 times less than Bluffdale center will be able to store. If their storage will be filled out someday, the information stored will be equal to 500 000 000 000 000 000 000 pages of text.

So how the NSA is going to fill all that huge storage? Bamford is absolutely sure that not with the commonly accessible data. It is far more interested in the data that is being held in the so called “deep web”, or invisible web, which is not indexed by search engines, password-protected and encrypted, flying through the air around us by means of wireless signals.

NSA Utah Data Center plan

NSA Utah Data Center plan legend

The NSA’s story has begun from the famous Japanese kamikaze attack on the Perl-Harbor. The National Security Agency was created as the Pentagon’s division to prevent such incidents from happening in the future, gathering information about USA’s enemies abroad. After 9/11 incident when the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed the NSA’s priorities have started to change. The Agency got the wide powers in surveillance operations inside the country due to the war against terrorism claimed by the administration of George Bush and famous USA PATRIOT Act. From now on NSA could eavesdrop to any cell phone call without getting the warrant for that if at least one of the talkers were abroad. And that was another huge scandal when The New York Times discovered that in fact millions of calls of ordinary Americans were intercepted.

There were some amendments approved for related laws which were intended to limit the power of NSA. Still Bamford says that both Agency and the government have not refused to implement the idea of the total control over the information flows inside the country, and laws’ phraseology is too illiquid to stop them. Quite the contrary, NSA would point whole might of their spying machine towards the American population in the 2013 when construction of the Utah Data Center will end. He believes that NSA has all necessary technologies to eavesdrop and record every single cell phone call, get access to any e-mail or intercept the data about any financial transaction and reach every single database. To do that NSA co-operates with the most popular phone service providers and mainstream internet providers. Moreover, few years ago NSA made huge break-through in the field of decrypting algorithms and developed extremely fast supercomputer to perform decrypting operations. So now they will build that Utah Data Center, gather all that data and start to analyze it, able to decrypt almost any encryption except Advanced Encryption Standard (ASE) and similar ones.

NSA Utah Data Center cloud

NSA Utah Data Center cloud legend

As a rule, NSA is not very generous when it comes to public comments on its actions. There are even jokes that NSA stands for Never Say Nothing which are spreading due to their silence. But this time they spoke! NSA director Keith Alexander was questioned by the Congress regarding Wired article. It was done in quite joky manner. Alexander was answering No to all questions he was asked, repeating it more than 10 times. As a result, all accusations and facts from the Wired article were absolutely rejected. Moreover, both talkers pronounced the Bamford’s surname incorrectly.

While it is really hard to believe that NSA is as almighty as Bamfort depicts, he is absolutely sure in his sources, which are both ex- and present NSA employees. One of them told Bamford as she was listening to the intimate conversation of the American citizen with his wife while he was abroad. The other one, scientist and mathematician, is describing all patterns he knows used by NSA to intercept the data flow. NSA becomes the largest, most secret and potentially most aggressive intelligence agency in the world. While Bamford admits that the top priority of the Agency is to protect USA from the external threats, he says that when NSA got the ability to gather absolutely all information regarding US citizens, they have decided to use its full potential.

So it does not matter what wireless frequencies you are using in your daily life, be it GSM cell phones, 3G and 4G gadgets, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gizmos, GPS devices or other things – you need protection from now on, because earlier you were spied by the Big Brother only time from time but now it will be constant issue. Thus you need to have protection from NSA Utah Data Center and their ubiquitous surveillance.

And now I will let you to recover from shock and express your thoughts about it in the comments.

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