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Surveillance Technology Is More Developed Than You Think


Instigated by the well-known terrorist attacks made September 11, 2001, modern surveillance has become even more significant technique of seeking to defend people from possible terrorist actions, or to remove dissident actions. And there's no lack of companies willing to provide the mechanism that may do those jobs for sure.

Several of those tech companies have instruments that permit governments to easily hack into individuals' mobile phones and PCs, as well as powerful massive intercept electronic equipment that may record all active Internet communications in the whole country, in accordance with papers got and studied by The Wall Street Journal. Those papers, some 200-plus page materials from 36 different organizations, were got by people who went to the secret safety conference that were held last month.


Modern technologies

A lot of those technologies demonstrated at the conference are related to the monitoring of huge volumes of information. One company has selected or mass caught of tens of thousands of synchronous conversations from landlines and cell phone networks. The other one characterizes how it aided leading mobile operator of China to make real-time monitoring of country's mobile phone Internet content and apps.


The yearly surveillance tools retail market has bloated from nearly nothing in the far 2001 to the whole $5 billion this year so far, the Journal told about, citing information from TeleStrategies, the conference's operator. The organizations functioning in this sector argue that their goods are designed to capture criminals and are manufactured only to be sold to the government and law enforcement organizations.


Modern jamming devices

Nevertheless, some international companies find that they are receiving undesired attention by dint of the recent business activity. Cisco Systems establish itself feeling the unpleasant effects of the lawsuit made earlier this year which blamed the tech company of providing and aiding to maintain huge surveillance system that permitted the Chinese authorities to easily track and censor all Internet activities of one spiritual group. Cisco representatives rejected all charges and claimed that Cisco vends the same legal equipment in China which it sells in other countries of the world in obedience with U.S. government regulations and laws.

As you can see, if Cisco is selling the same equipment around the world then U.S. citizens may be in the same danger as Chinese ones. In fact, we already are. Thus keep yourself safe by means of using anti-surveillance jammers and make sure that no one is watching you. And, of course, your comments are welcomed here!

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