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GPS tracker of hiqh power

Company Birds Eye Global Tracking announced withdrawal of its first own product - a miniature electronic GPS tracker for finding the location of people and objects. Management confident that it can save a lot of people and property. The device, slightly smaller than cell phone, may determine the location of a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis or as a child with autism for less than 120 seconds.

Alzheimer's disease

Every year many people suffering from Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis go out of their homes and can not find a way back. According to statistics, up to 60% of patients can go for a walk and get lost. The report also indicated that approximately 50% of the lost patients who can not find the first 8 hours, is likely to suffer, and possibly get injured and either the same die. Miniature tracking device can save many lives.

Modern device

The secret of incredible precision device is to combine modern developments position: system GPS, used for military and civilian needs, and in addition the signal triangulation technology base stations of cellular communication. Unlike navigation devices in cars, for which it is essential to have a companion in the field of view, the new development of GPRS can determine the location also in buildings and premises. During recent tests Birds Eye "Safe Tracker" was able to specify the location of rights of 30 floor office skyscraper in the center of Tampa. Unlike cell phones with the module GPS, a charge that lacks at least 5 hours of service, Birds Eye tracker may work up to 30 hours without charge, by sending a signal every 120 seconds.

Using jammer

In addition to the accuracy of the device, its second advantage is the ability to track the movement with any smart phone or a PC with access to the site Birds Eye. You can view the point on the map appearing in the wrong place every 120 seconds, and in addition provide a "secure" perimeter of the observed object. Once the object leaves the defined area, the device is triggered warnings, referring a series of text messages to mobile observer, and in addition to sending e-mails every 60 seconds, until a man will seek and do not disable the alarm.

CEO of Jammer commented that news: -The equipment offered by our company able to suppress the signal of this device, so our customers should not worry about it

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