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Southwest Airlines: Wiretapping Vulnerabilities and How to Deal With Them?

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The University of Colorado conducted a global review of iOS apps that are popular with many users. The researchers wanted to determine the degree of security of software for tablets and smartphones. They revealed a lot of exciting things. In particular, they were interested in the Southwest Airlines program, which makes the device vulnerable to various hacker attacks.

Private data access

After you are authorized in the application using an existing account, the program sends passwords without appropriate encryption to its server. This means that attackers can easily access all user-sensitive data that is available online. To do this, connect to any open network. If the account details are stolen, a hacker can easily use the points to log into the account. After that, he can use phone numbers, credit cards, and e-mail.

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For example, attackers can even book a flight in the victim's name. This is all of great concern, as citizens become utterly defenseless in the face of possible dangers online.

The probability of hacking

The probability of hacking a user account is incredibly high if you use open, insecure networks with no encryption algorithms to protect data. This significantly increases the likelihood that a passenger will first log into their account on an open web when booking a flight, and someone in the lounge can use the data received.

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Using signal jammers

You should read all safety documents before using the application. You need to monitor your use of public networks so that you do not become an accidental victim.

You can use a mobile signal jammer for your iPhone, which will help you reduce the risk of personal data theft.

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Now get all the information if you did not know about this vulnerability. As a result, you will improve your online security.

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