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The Indian Government Plans to Track All Phones: What is Known About It?

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In India, it is planned to introduce tracking of conversations of all mobile phone users. By the current standard norms and requirements, starting from May, all mobile operators must submit information about their subscribers to the telecommunications government without fail. Including you need to specify the conversations' data and the users' location.

Obtaining specific data

The data received for now, the government will require data only for specific numbers. Within a few years, it will introduce a full-fledged tracking system for each user's mobile phone as part of security.

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At first, the data obtained will need to be more accurate. At the same time, it is planned that in a few years, it will be possible to track the communications of more than 60% of subscribers who use cellular communications if they are within a radius of several hundred meters of the tower. Over time, the government plans to spread this influence throughout the country.

In 95%, it will be possible to determine the exact location with an accuracy of up to 300 meters. The situation is slightly worse in small settlements, but it is planned to optimize this indicator over time.

Availability of licenses

You should also pay attention to the availability of licenses. They assume that each user is responsible for the security of cell towers. Many license holders spend more than five billion rupees on reducing the possibility of confidential data leakage. The authorities also have the full right to conduct criminal investigations in cases where it is necessary.

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Using signal blockers

Mobile phone tracking is a change that will be actively implemented and developed throughout the country. Centralized real-time monitoring will help create a secure space for every citizen and reduce the risk of electronic fraud.

In India, many are interested in protecting personal data from tracking. For example, you can use special signal blockers to protect your phone from third-party tracking.

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