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Smartstart - An Easy Way To Lose Your Property And Annoy All Neighbors

Car Pollution

There so many technologies around us, and sometimes that annoy a little. Not the fact of the technology itself, but the inappropriate use of that tech. I’m sure that a lot of people had such situations when somebody has annoyed them with his smartphone or something like that.

I’ve never had such situations earlier, until now. My neighbor bought a new car. He has always parked his vehicle near my window but that never bothered me, because it was clean and he started it and went to work really fast.

Viper SmartStart

But now he has equipped his car with that new Viper SmartStart. And now my every morning starts with a nice portion of carbon dioxide. Because he starts his car remotely while drinking his coffee and drives out only in ten or even fifteen minutes. It’s just a couple of minutes some may say, but it is enough to make my house smell like a garage. And I've asked him to stop it but there was no reaction.

I was on the internet for a pretty long time and found lots of info on that remote control. It’s an app for smartphone, combined with a Bluetooth module. That module is to be installed in your car and it will make possible for the application of your smartphone to control your car. That device lets you to lock and unlock your car remotely, to start and kill the engine. Also it controls the trunk and motor hood. You can also turn on and off the alarm of your car.

And the application for the SmartStart is cool, it has tones of features. It can store your car’s location every time you press the lock/unlock button, as well as it will show you all the reminders you could wrote while being there.


Monitoring car status via GPS

You can monitor your car status remotely, the application will show the status of the engine, whether it is started or not, are the doors locked or not and also, it will track your car via GPS. The app even will build a route to your car’s location via GPS.

You see, it uses Bluetooth (2.4 GHz frequency) to connect to your car on short distances, and if you require tracking it shifts to GPS (1200-1600 MHz).You should also know that lots of devices use similar frequencies to transfer data, among them are: any kinds of GPS navigators, all of the Wi-Fi devices, all the hands-frees, headsets. Also those frequencies are frequently used for 3G mobile internet.

The device will also keep an eye on how many time has left on the parking meter and will alert you if the time is running out and you’re ought to refill the meter. And the last feature that will be useful for people that have their home alarms from The app will be compatible with your house’s alarm and will be able to arm or to disarm the alarm remotely.

Pretty handy device isn’t it? But the consequences of the inappropriate use of it will be more far going that just my house’s pollution with a carbon dioxide. First of all you need to remember the proverb: “Do not put all your eggs in one basket”, because if you’ll drop it, or the basket will be broken you will have no eggs at all. It works with your security too, you have to keep the keys from your house and from your car in different places. And surely you must keep them away from your smartphone, because they are frequently lost or stolen!

I’m trying to say that if you’ll lose your phone – someone will get full and remote access to your house and a car. And it will be really easy because the app stores the location of your car and it will surely remember where your house is, because it remembers the parking locations and you will surely park your car somewhere nearby. And even you haven’t the address will be stored when you link your house alarm with the mobile gadget. And once more we have another application that will possibly leak my personal data.


And look at it from other point. The SmartStart connects everything via Bluetooth, this data channel is not encrypted really well. What if someone will crack a connection? That would mean that your car or home alarm will consider his mobile phone and your mobile phone to be the one gadget. It will be possible because the app supports sharing controls between a couple or more users. So, someone will know where you are, where are you going, where you park your car, where and when you had your lunch and how to steal your car and get into your house. And that is not the only threat a Bluetooth connection may cause.

From that point all the handiness of that SmartStart looks really different. The gadget is really dangerous, because it combines the threat to your property, and with a built-in GPS receiver it will threaten your privacy as well. As you know any GPS receiver can be tracked pretty easily.

SmartStart signal jammers

It is the right time to think about protection. As for me, I have already found a solution. I’ll surely use one of those SmartStart signal jammers to be sure that my neighbor will not make my house smell like a car workshop. It also may hide you from GPS tracking, because it silences GPS completely, and you may use those to protect yourself from all the threats of that handy gadget!

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