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Septier Location Tracking: Legal Spying Pointed At You


For legal wiretap intelligence collecting Septier Location Tracking resolution intercepts, gathers, analyzes and withholds location information incoming from cell phones and internet networks. Intended for law enforcement usage and national security agencies struggling criminals and terrorists, the system is perfectly optimized to process massive volumes of signals incoming in real-time sequence in a hybrid, modular and scalable architecture. It is field proven in plenty of countries across the world, Septier Location Tracking suites the requirements of telecommunication standards and also with some particular networking implementations. Depending on those standards allows for easy system integration with various vendors and goods. The resolution processes all kinds of contemporary cell phone networks such as CDMA, GSM, 3G, UMTS and Wi-Fi in the most efficient way and total cost effectiveness.


Location safety

Intended for greatest safety, the system contains large access rights mechanism, detailed inner logging as well as other various options. System control is done from established central point by utilizing the intuitive GUI. Septier Location Tracking resolution works through the application of modern PC technologies and the up-to-date standard-based software and hardware. In order to make accurate data and reliable location info Septier Location Tracking resolution uses a diversity of information collecting methods while simultaneously estimating positioning data by using various triangulation procedures. These procedures may comprise active and passive signal interrogation algorithms, inactively probing location update occasions from the monitored network, handling GPS data, interfacing to the system, and gathering information from different elements.

System installation

This system may be installed and configured to successfully adapt to ever modifying and developing standards, client necessities and requirements. Created with a modular structure, the resolution offers the client the skill to attain whichever required positioning accuracy and accessibility which are demanded today by all LEAs (law enforcement agencies) and location-based apps. In addition, Septier Monitoring Center together with Lawful Interception Mediation goods may complement described Septier Location Tracking tool installation, and even adds the crucial dimension to the picture of intelligence analysis.


Septier Location Tracking resolution may be effortlessly incorporated with major GIS instruments. This ability permits users to select their liked better local map services. By utilizing an easy API (application programming interface) this system may be accessed by different services simultaneously and in the protected way. Septier Location Tracking resolution can be used multiple times, and may not only furnish the infrastructure for national security and general safety applications, but in addition be the reliable infrastructure for commercial applications based on location data.

Using GPS jammers

As you can see, all governmental and many commercial organizations can spy on you in the legal way, thus the only possible solution to this problem is to use Septier Location Tracking jammer along with any kind of GPS jammers in order to deal with such smart and advanced tracking system for sure.

Were you aware of such tracking? Would you do nothing or try to avoid it somehow? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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