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Use Your Signal Jammer Safely

Everyday more and more people are getting worried about defending their privacy. We all know that many of those newly presented wireless gadgets can steal our personal information and we would not even know about it. 

We use different gadgets everyday and GPS navigators, laptops, notebooks and smartphones are among them. But lots of people do not even know that evildoers can steal your personal information and your wireless gadgets are their double agents.

We use Wi-Fi connections but we don’t know how easily it can be hacked. We’re using Bluetooth and we’ve never heard about Bluesnarfing (Bluetooth hacking technique). And, of course, we use GPS to find out where we are and how to get where we need, but have you heard that GPS navigator can be tracked?

From that point of view I understand why those cell phone signal blockers are so popular in many countries of the world. They are widely used for protection because people want to protect their privacy and the privacy of those they care about.

As I’ve already said those jamming devices, GSM signal blockers or GPS jammers are used in many countries on the world. But it will be better if you will read something about how do those jammers work. Another important info to know is what frequencies jamming devices use. Lots of people use those signal blocking devices, so we I have tried to work out some simple principles of using a jammer safely, without harming anybody.

There are no restrictions on using jamming devices in US, but the broadcasting on specified frequencies without a license is banned. But, I suppose that when your privacy or the privacy of those you care about is in danger all means will do. But you should keep in mind that we shouldn’t forget about the rights of others. So there are simple principles of using a jammer safely.

1. Do not use a jamming device in public places. We recommend you to use jamming devices within your private property. Try not to turn it on in a public place because you’ll harm other people. You may freely use your jammer inside your car or at home. Also, try to pick a signal blocker with a working range that fits your house, because a couple of your neighbors can find themselves in your signal-free area.

2. Defend your privacy without bothering others. You should keep in mind that other people want to communicate freely. Try not to jam them. Keep in mind that when your jammer is on, no one will call anyone, even 911. Also never use jamming devices in hospitals at near police stations and cars. Those guys really need to be online 24/7.

3. Know your enemy. Find out the frequencies you need to jam, so you’ll be able to choose a proper jamming device. You can find more info on what frequencies are used in your country here. Also, always choose a best place to buy a signal zapper!

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