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Radio Frequency Interference Grenade: Jams IED Detonators And Remote Controls

Netline Communication Technologies PJP

The company from Israel called Netline Communications Technologies has recently developed and announced its new and quite original ammunition: the smallest jamming transmitter in the world made for soldiers fighting at the battlefield. This device is made to the shape of a hand grenade and it is called Portable Jammer Pack, or PJP. Before everything else PJP is designed for blocking the signals of radio proximity fuses including not only professional radio detonated bombs but improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well.

Security issues

There are many buildings, cars and other objects at the battlefield and their security gives rise to doubt. Yet if soldier has PJP in his hands he can just pull out the safety pin and throw his Portable Jammer Pack into the suspicious location that he wants to secure. Small size and output power of this device are even to the good in many situations because it will not interfere with the communication systems of the soldier and he can throw PJP round the corner or in the window of the house he wants to make safe. This device is also great to be used during the dismounted action because it is hard and beside the purpose. Despite its small size PJP has not as small weight as you might think – 1,1kg. Still it is few times less than weight of the most lightweight backpack jamming devices used for the same purposes.

Portable Jammer Pack

The developers of this Portable Jammer Pack had to work in a large measure to create such unique device. They have used tiny solid circuit antennas for their product. The case of this radio frequency interference grenade is covered with rubber to protect it from collisions, drops and damage. As long as the accumulators of PJP use all their power within 30 minutes of the continuous running there are also special heat-absorbing elements which protect all electronic parts of this device from overheating.

Israeli Portable Jammer Pack Grenade

PJP usage

This PJP grenade is easy to use: pull out the safety pin (in a manner of an ordinary grenade) and throw it in the direction of object you want to secure. The jamming signal of this device blocks remote controls and detonators of both improvised explosive devices and professional radio detonated bombs. Moreover, military technicians can program this grenade in advance for it to be able to block predetermined frequencies like radio communications of enemy and frequency bands they use to activate IEDs. They can connect Portable Jammer Pack to the laptop and do the job. Due to the noiseless operation and small size it is quite hard for the enemy to discover the PJP at the battlefield. And what is more, if everything goes well, soldier can find this grenade after the combat, recharge it and use it later during the next mission.

Military jammers

As you can see, technologies in the industry of radio frequency jamming are continue to develop because they have found wide usage at the modern battlefields and zones of conflict. Devices like Portable Jammer Pack are saving lives (hundreds and even thousands of them) in countries where soldiers are exposed to the threat of improvised explosive devices and remotely detonated bomb explosions. Due to the fact that they are used only by military forces because they are combat ammunition, civilians have no access to the latest military-grade technologies. Still if you are worried about your personal security against acts of terrorism which might occur here or there, you can use the military jammer that was simplified and adapted for civilian usage. It is also a handheld device that you can carry with yourself and use to protect yourself from potential IED threat wherever you are.

So how do you like this new Portable Jammer Pack developed by Israeli Netline Communication Technologies? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!

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