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Phone Hacking. A Growing Menace.

As the technology continues to grow, so does the associated security risk with it. In the smartphone age, as phones are becoming more and more functional and complex, hackers are finding more gateways to breach the security. Phone hacking has become one of the major issues plaguing the minds of both general users and mobile phone makers.

As smartphones and tablets have flooded the market, hacking into the phones has become a big problem to manage. All businesses and official works nowadays are done via smartphones like the accessing of mails, keeping records, maintaining contacts and other business related works. So phone hackers have become all the more active now and toll frauds and unauthorized utilization of phone services are wreaking havoc for companies. They manipulate data, retrieve confidential information, tap calls and do other activities which can be very disastrous for businesses.

Due to this growing menace, counter measures against phone hacking have been devised and implemented by many companies. Some of them have been discussed below, which can help in greatly reducing the risks faced by businesses from such unauthorized people.

Using call log programming

Call logging programming is a good way of protecting your business by effectively tracking the misuse of toll usage. It acts as a watchdog Voice over Internet Protocol requisitions and sends back reports and messages if any attempt to misuse the toll has been made. The system traces toll misrepresentation and sends back reports and detailed analysis of the calls to the owners. It acts as a call follower and can prevent toll misuse up to a great extent by sending reports efficiently.

The reports that are sent by the call logging programming system help the businesses to make extra effective program modules and rectify any errors or tie any loose ends that the program might have. The reports also provide for effective screening of the calls which can greatly reduce the expenses on calls.

Effective monitoring of calls and messages

Monitoring the various calls made and messages sent to people on a regular basis can give a fair idea of any misuse of the phone or the number. Software for the same could be installed on the phone which can be used to monitor the frequency, content and number of people to whom the messages are sent or calls are made. Any abrupt increase or some random information sent would be instantly caught and if a toll fraud is underway, it can be instantly caught without great damage being done. If you suspect that you contrary tapped then you can buy cell phone jammers.

Installing proper protection against spurious links

Phones should have proper security against malware and Trojans, which often serve as a gateway for phone hackers to get into the phone database. Proper antivirus programs should be installed and updates should be regularly done so as to incorporate the latest security measures in the phone. This would greatly help in preventing the action of viruses and malware which tends to interact easily with the phone software and cause malfunctioning. These methods can greatly reduce the prospects of phone hackers in creating havoc for your business.

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