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NTSB Tries To Prohibit Commercial Chauffeurs From Mobile Phone Usage


Accompanying research of a 2010 highway disaster in Kentucky where 11 people were murdered, the NTSB suggested a comprehensive prohibition on all telephone usage by saleable chauffeurs comprising use without hands. The chauffeur of the massive trailer responsible for the disaster was on his cell phone at the moment of the tragedy. Information gathered indicated that the chauffeur of the trailer was sending messages hard and completing rings often during the hours, which led to the disaster. The NTSB registered 69 texts and calls made by the chauffeur driving 24 hours before the disaster. It was also noted: "In the few minutes before the actual 5:14 a.m. crash, the chauffeur called three times, the last time at 5:14."

"Modifying behavior may begin right now, for chauffeurs of large rigs, but in addition for others too," the NTSB Chairman said. "When you are behind the spin, moving safely should be your main direction." the US Secretary of Transportation announced. "Writing or speaking while moving may evolve deadly in a few seconds, specifically when a large rig or a huge bus is engaged. Because of that, the U.S. Department of Transportation has recently banned all commercial chauffeurs from sending messages and chatting while moving. They are also working on banning mobile phone usage. No such calls or text messages are worth endangering energies." The NTSB doesn't have rule-making authorities, so it posted its recommendations to all state and federal authorities. If the prohibition is passed, it will influence nearly 4 million chauffeurs.


Mobile phone jammers for cars

It was also stated that employers would make the roadways safer if they enacted policies for their workers/chauffeurs and ensured those chauffeurs knew that their jobs depended entirely on obedience.

You can also ensure that no phone calls or text messages will distract you while driving if you use a mobile phone jammer to prevent crashes from distracted driving.

So how should mobile phone usage be banned for all retail chauffeurs? Does the company you work for have a protected driving policy? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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