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NSA Admits That It Is Wiretapping All The Phone Calls In The USA


During the closed-doors meeting at the Capitol, NSA executives admitted, that they do not reqeuire a special warrant to wiretap domestic phone calls in USA. New York Congress representative from US Democratic Party, Jerrold Nadler literary stated that a decision to wiretape someone's mobile calls may be taken by a simple analytic.

In case of necessity of having an access to the private correspondence, calls or other private data, warrant is not required, NSA specialist just have to make a proper decision and will get all the data he needs. We at Jammer-Store are sure that there are thousands of low-rank executives, who make all the eavesdropping and tracking job. Also, you should know that your SMS, emails and other internet messengers are in danger too, because due to the law, all of the stated above is equal to phone calls, which NSA can legally wiretap.

That disclosed information gives us a clue that, Edward Snowden's statement, that he could wiretap anyone, no matter if it is a common citizen or the president of USA from Hawaii, is truth. In the same time Edward mentioned that not every analytic has such a right.


All the statements, received earlier lead to the fact that NSA can record almost every domestic and international calls, just in case. Also, it is widely known, that NSA has installed a high-end equipment in the new data center in Utah. It looks really weird, that having such a massive spying tool and the warning from Russian side, NSA was unable to prevent the Tsarnaev brothers' act of terrorism.

A former NSA technical manager William Binnie, that has recently helped to modernize a global wiretapping network, gave an interview to a “Daily Caller”. He told that NSA records and wiretaps phone calls, logs messages, and even tracks location with a cell tower triangulation of a special list of people, that includes between 500 thousands and 1 million of people.

If we'll pay attention to the 3 billion lawsuit of Electronic Frontiers Foundation, we can see some specific and functional data mining methods. For example, in 2006 Mar Klein, technical specialist, that worked for AT&T for more than 22 years told that all the domestic voice and Internet traffic goes through the closed 641A room. Only NSA staff has an access to that room.


Well thanks to the law, adopted by a Congress in 2008 and than extended in 2012 (FISA amendments) AT&T and other large carriers, such as Verizon can spy on customers on behalf of NSA and are relieved from any kind of civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Also, the fact that NSA has an access to phone calls was admitted by Dianne Feinstein, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Tim Klement, the former FBI executive also mentioned the fact that all the phone calls in US are wiretap and recorded, so they can be accessed and used later. And the problem here is the fact, that you can't check if your smartphone is being wiretapped in an ordinary way.

So, as you can see, everything written above lead to the fact that modern smartphones are working against you. You see, they make yo to keep tonnes of your private data in one place, which is not really reliable as well. So it is better to avoid phone conversations on the serious topics, if you don't want that to be used against you. But it is impossible to avoid mobile phones at all, so a portable cell phone signal blocker will do that for you. Keep your private information private!

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