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New Technologies Of Electric War

New Technologies for Electronic Wars

The U.S. conventional an offer from Northrop Grumman in activity to calls representing the developing of early ecm application to support electronic warfare.

U.S. accompany Northrop Grumman declared it has submitted a bid on the Navy's the Next Generation Jammer Technology Maturation phase. The Navy titled on the action acquiring agreement to apply proposals to replace the current ALQ-99 jamming group.

The Navy's jamming technologies are designed to counter enemy threats in modern electronic battleground environments. The ALQ-99 is a pre-digital technology that have to updating with next-generation capabilities.

"The first shot fired in a battle is no longer a bullet, it's an electron," Stephen Hogan, Northrop Grumman Information Operations and Electronic Attack v.p., said in a statement.

"We saw how the Russians used electronic attack in Georgia, and we see every day how terrorists operate, using boughten electronics to harm our soldiers and absolved civils."

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