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New Motorola Razr: Fresh Look At The Smartphones


There are large amounts of things you might dislike about new Razr: open its box and it forces you to charge this smartphone before utilizing it, when multiple smartphones no longer use the same approach. Then turn the smartphone on and where many Android smartphones require only sign in once, the Razr wishes a lot of yeses and noes made by you before doing anything.

But this new Razr is unique in so multiple ways that it more than just makes up for intriguing foibles: it is 7.1mm thin and it’s the deserving descendant to the original collapsible handset that traded more than 130 millions of units after its launch in 2004.


Device features

This device would be available at the number of United Kingdom's networks from next week and it features Kevlar back panel, the 4.3 inch display and dual 1.2GHz CPU. That display is enormous and notable in its image brightness and sharpness.

Predictably, such large screen does sort of run out to the battery life, yet that problem with full day functioning is becoming common thing for all modern smartphones, the iPhone 4S comprised. This smartphone is featuring 8 megapixel camera and may record and playback full 1080p quality HD video.


Smart actions

Anyway, the Razr is successfully running Android 2.3.5 that is enhanced by Motorola’s own features. These won't be to everyone’s taste, yet they do add helpful characteristics and furnish various esthetical improvements to the common Android look. A recent app known as MotoCast permits the smartphone to stream and download music, movies or files from whichever PC on the planet, so long as it’s in addition utilizing MotoCast. A recent function called "Smart Actions” will in addition automate some parameters, so that, for example, the smartphone may automatically set up itself on silent mode when GPS system registers its entrance into its owner’s workplace.


Jamming device

But I guess there are some among you who have a strong desire to block the signal of this new toy which can be used by unstoppable (almost ;) ) rude cell phone users. And you can do it! Just use Motorola Razr jammer and even this ultra modern smartphone would not break the perfection of silence around you.

What are your thoughts about this smartphone? Do you like it or not? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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