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New Mobile Phone Docks: Discrimination Is Out Of Here


You know that there are a lot of iPad, iPhone and iPod docks being made that it makes you question if producers have forgotten to support other cell phones and handheld media players. It is not surprising: they usually make more money vending iPod docks instead of making tools compatible with every particular telephone on earth. Nevertheless, there’s hope.

Look at few tools that aid you escape from Apple’s gravitational drag:


Jawbone Jambox

This is a $200 Bluetooth wireless speaker with four available colors which suites any mobile phone. Because it is made by headset producer Jawbone, the Jambox in addition has an integral mic for answering calls on-the-go and fast teleconferencing. Great, isn't it? It also has a free Jamchain — for you to be able to wear it around your neck, with comfort.


Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker 

$300 for black, $350 for leather), it may be connected to any Bluetooth cell phone or other communication device. It’s wholly handheld and contains an integral battery.


CableJive dockBoss+ 

That awesome $30 gadget adds Apple 30-pin connector to nearly any kind of mobile phone. You may run audio directly into the iPod or iPhone dock by means of simple audio wire or micro USB connection. The $18 variation from Grom Audio works just the same way but without USB port.


Soundfreaq Sound Step 

Costing $139, this dock supports both audio line-in and wireless Bluetooth connection and contains both common iPad/iPod port and separate USB port to charge other tools. Ideal for guys who are willing to forget about their iPhones from time to time.

By the way, if there is a need to block the signal of any of those modern devices, you can always use reliable Jawbone Jambox jammer or Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker jammer. They are also available for jamming CableJive dockBoss+ and Soundfreq Sound Step signal as well.

How do you like those gadgets? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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