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Do I Need to Worry About the New Block III GPS Satellites: Prospects and Features

GPS Block III satellite

Lockheed Martin is currently actively working on upgrading the current GPS. The cost of the project is more than 5.5 billion dollars. So far, this amount has been announced at the testing stage. The essence of the project is to provide the most dependable and established signs for the operation of navigators and GPS gadgets without any obstacles. This update applies to all modern devices that work on satellite communications. After launch, this satellite will be connected to different technologies. For example, integration with European or American systems is possible.

Lockheed Martin complex in Colorado

Working on project

Scientists are already actively working on the project, offering attractive, functional solutions. The test equipment was launched. The first Block III model will soon be able to be thrown into space for further work. Several more units are planned to be launched.

The new satellites are also ready to work with civil systems so that everyone can get the most accurate GPS-enabled tracking and navigation data. Also, the location tracking accuracy can be up to one hundred feet, which allows you to achieve the required measurement efficiency.

Lockheed Martin testing complex

Using jammers

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to some shortcomings of the designed method. This new Block III strategy will be effective and accurate for location tracking by intruders. That is why you can use the Block III jammer, which will reduce the likelihood of tracking your location. If you are following the future of technology, you should look closely at the available offerings.

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