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New Block III GPS Satellites: Do You Need To Worry?

GPS Block III satellite

Lockheed Martin has started the implementation of the $5.5 billion upgrade to the GPS satellite system in its testing complex located in Colorado. The main goal of this upgrade is to make Global Positioning System to transmit more powerful and reliable signals which would be easier to tune up at for the GPS gadgets and navigators and in addition harder to block by means of GPS jammers. This upgrade will affect not only the civilian GPS enabled devices but military GPS gadgets as well. By the way, when Block III be launched it will operate many various satellites including American, European, Russian (like GLONASS system in iPhone 4S) and maybe even satellites from other countries of the world.

Lockheed Martin complex in Colorado

Engineers and scientists have already started working on the project because the first prototype of the new Block III satellite has already arrived in Colorado at the Lockheed Martin testing facility. It is also worth mentioning that this prototype is not the flying model thus it would not be launched to the orbit. The first model capable of flying to the orbit will arrive to this complex only next year, but it also needs a lot of tests so the launch is planned at May 2014. This Block III satellite would not be alone because there are 32 units planned to be launched in total.

Because of the fact that new GPS Block III satellites work with civilian GPS devices too, common people will receive the possibility to get more precise coordinates and position tracking from their GPS navigators and GPS enabled devices like smartphones. Actually, the accuracy of the location tracking will increase from 100 feet to no more than 3 feet, thus increasing it in three with something times.

Lockheed Martin testing complex

Yet along with the advantages there are also some disadvantages. You see, when the bad guys would like to know your location, they would be using this new Block III GPS system thus their dirty deeds would be even more effective and accurate. Still you can prevent them from spotting your location because our company can grant you the ability to jam the GPS Block III signal in the future by means of our GPS jammers powerful enough to deal even with improved satellite systems!


So what do you think about Block III GPS and the future of the satellite navigation? Share your opinions in the comments!

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