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National Transportation Safety Board Urges Cell Phone Ban

Ren Bishop

Ren Bishop (at the photo above) is the example of multiple American drivers who talks, texts and tweets on her cell phone while she is driving – and thinks it ought to be up to the drivers to utilize their prudence when it is about security. Though she admits that thumbing her cell phone while driving is really bad habit, this University of Missouri student is saying that drivers "are absolutely mature to comprehend when it’s appropriate and when it’s not."

The NTSB disagrees with her opinion, and it stated Tuesday that chatting, emailing or texting while driving is just too risky to be permitted anyplace in the US. The NTSB is hurrying all states to enforce total bans accompanying late deadly crashes, together with one in Missouri when the adolescent got and sent 11 SMS in 11 minutes.

Hang up and drive

The consentient recommendation from five members of the board would also apply to hands-free gadgets, a much stricter regulation than whichever state law now. National Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Deborah Hersman admitted that complying would engage modifying what has become deep-rooted behavior for multiple Americans. "We are not here to succeed in a popularity competition," she said. "There is no update, no text, no e-mail, and no phone call that is worth any human life."

At the present time, 35 US states along with District of Columbia have banned texting while driving. In addition, nine US states along with Washington, D.C., ban hand-held cell phone usage. Thirty US states ban all cell phone usage for starting drivers. But requirement is as a rule not the high priority one, and no US states ban the application of hands-free gadgets for all drivers.

Girl driving and talking on her cell phone

As you can see, because the ban is not very strict you have got to organize your safety while driving by yourself. And you can do it with ease, blocking not only cell phone signal but also the GPS tracking that can possibly be in your car. All you have to do is to use worldwide full band jammer with car adapter that goes in a package with it. Your security is in your hands!

Anyway, it is important for us what you are thinking about this ban, so share your thought in the comments below!

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