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What should I do if my Philips HUE lamps have been hacked? How to protect yourself?

Hey! I recently decided to buy Philips HUE lamps. They are very stylish and cool and help save energy. However, recently I noticed that someone outside had taken control. For example, the light randomly turns on and off as if someone is playing with me. I would like to know if it is possible to somehow protect against such a hack in the future. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hey Robert!

Jammer Store specialists would like to warn you right away. When you install any remote access device in your home, you should be prepared for someone to hack into it. Wireless communications are usually reasonably low security and can be hacked using various methods. That is why wired interfaces are typically used to transfer valuable data. Wireless security systems are also not always very effective.

We have already met a question on intelligent lighting systems. Philips HUE usually uses a wireless connection to communicate with your phone. The system uses dynamic addresses for authentication, which can be easily changed with a few clicks. That is why almost anyone can take advantage of a similar vulnerability on your device, get a new address, and then take control.

There are several possible ways to prevent this. To begin with, you need to avoid various suspicious resources on the Internet that attackers can use to hack. You can also purchase a particular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal blocker. It will block any third-party signals within the given range. I hope we were able to help you in this challenging situation.

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