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My Philips HUE bulbs were hacked. How to protect them?

Hello, I've recently installed a set of those Philips HUE smart light bulbs in my apartment. They are cool and I believe they will help me to save some money, but I've noticed that someone has probably intercepted control over them, because light blackouts in the evening for some time and then tuns on again, as if somebody was playing with the switch. I'd like to know is that possible to hack those smart bulbs, and if it's yes – how can I protect them?

Hi there, Robert!

First of all we at jammer-store have to tell you that when you install any kind of wireless system at home – you have to be ready for various hacking attempts, simply because wireless data transmission standards are less secured than traditional, wired ones. It can be also said about wireless security systems, they are quite vulnerable for various hacks and exploits.

We've already seen questions, about smart lighting systems and they ways of their protection. You should know that Philips HUE bulbs are using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to sync with your smartphone and the only thing that is used for the authentication is the MAC-address of your smartphone or tablet, which can be easily replaced. So, almost anyone may use vulnerabilities of modern smartphones and get your MAC-address, then evildoer will be able to trick the bulb into thinking that his device is the right one and control them.

There are couple of ways how to make sure that it won't happen. First of all you should avoid accessing various suspicious websites, because evildoers can get your MAC-address there. Also, get a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal blocker, which will jam all the communications between the bulb and evildoer's device. 

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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