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Modern Tech Disease: Prevent Your Mental Health Destruction


Even if you did not take part in it, you have probably seen it for sure: a group of some people, most likely friends, typing or talking at their mobile phones instead of having an interesting conversation with each other. Seems strange to you or even surprising?

Do not be too surprised, because recent people behavior study showed that common mobile device user checks his or her mobile phone 34 times per day on average.

Source And Symptoms

All of us like to have some tiny pleasant things, don’t we? So think about what you feel when you receive an e-mail, or text message, or missed call. Yep, you like it. When you see any of those things at your smartphone, you know that someone needs you, and this fact makes you happy. But when there is nothing like that, you may become antsy.


People in that condition may become nervous and impatient, checking their cell phones again and again. This can last for long time until something comes to their mobile phone. Only then they become happy again, but this happiness probably would not last for long. Doctors compare this with Pavlov’s dogs.

Disease Progresses

There were a lot of various polls, surveys and studies about it, so here are some facts for you to consider:

  • About 50% of young adults have some troubles when they need to do something without their mobile phones nearby
  • About 20% frustrate often because their smartphone downloads something slower than they expected
  • The whole 13% admitted pretending they take or have cell phone talk to avoid talking or even recognizing somebody in the real world
  • About 70% of people between 18 and 29 years old use their mobile devices to entertain themselves when they bored, even when they are at the party with people they know


And that is only the tip of the iceberg. The risks which lie beneath are those threats which doctors could have told you about:

  • Your neck and shoulders are in danger if you are texting too much, you can experience some painful feelings there quite often
  • Drivers using their cell phones in the car are 4 times more likely to encounter car crash then those who are not, no matter texting or calling, and headset would not lower the chances
  • World Health Organization categorizes mobile phones as carcinogenic hazard which may be compared to lead
  • Cell phone usage before you go to sleep can disturb your sleep pattern, thus you will fall asleep later and it will be harder for you to do so (it is proved recently by 18 month survey among 36 women and 35 men aged between 18 and 45)


Is There A Cure?

Yes, there are few ways to cure that. First of all, it is self-control. Use your willpower to overcome this addiction (if you already have it) or to not let it catch you. The same thing can work for your friends and relatives. But it is easier to say then to do, so there is a backup plan.


If you cannot control yourself completely and people you love are trying hard but can’t make it, technology is the thing for you. You simply need to purchase and install mobile phone signal jammers at your house, and one of them you can carry with you to be able to control the situation wherever you go.

No cell phone signal – no distractions from real life – it works only like that!

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