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Modern Mobile Phones Attack Patterns. How Do They Work In Real Life

Cell Phone Attack

You should know that there's one modern gadget that knows more than your close friends about you. I'm talking about your mobile phone, it usually contains lots of sensitive data and sometimes it may be critical to protect it. That's why there are billions of different ways of hacking it was developed. So today we will show you various attack patterns, which can be used against your mobile device.

First of all we should tell you that there is a way to eavesdrop your cell phone. The signals are encrypted, so that's impossible to eavesdrop your call as you talk, but the signals that your mobile phone sends and receives. Then it will take some time to decrypt those signals and that's all. So try not to use your mobile phones for discussing sensitive topics. There are two reasons for that that this trick is not really widespread. It is its price and the fact that evildoer must be around you to be able to record your signals.

Flash SMS

Another rather complicated, but despite of that popular vector of the attack is using of flash-SMS. Those text messages don't end up at your inbox, they are displayed at the main screen as received. Service messages sent by your service provider look pretty similar to those, that's why evildoers use them really frequently. So you should read those messages carefully in order not to become a victim of a fraud.

You should also know that your mobile phone can be blocked remotely. It is possible to block mobile phone with a special kind of DdoS attack. In fact there are two different ways of doing that. Both of them rely on sending a huge amounts of “invisible” text messages. The first way is to fill the message with unreadable symbols, like setting Chinese encoding for English text. Mobile device won't be able to read that SMS and won't display it, but it won't be able to receive calls or other messages until that SMS flood is not over. Another way is to manipulate service WAP-push messages. Those two types of messages are invisible, your mobile device won't display them and they are used to make sure that victim doesn't know that his or her phone is blocked.

Bluetooth Logo

Another popular way to make your smartphone work against you is to use a Bluetooth hands-free authentication and pairing protocol. Bluetooth headset is a read only device and it can't access the memory directly, but they can dial some number and let evildoers to listen to what is going on around the phone. Bluetooth has lot of vulnerabilities. Those headsets are targets of attack rather frequently too. You should know that someone can connect to your headset with another cell phone and use the data gathered with its microphone.

As you can see there are lots of different ways of how to disrupt the work of your mobile device and those hacks give benefits to evildoers. They can block your phone, or steal sensitive data. So we at Jammer-Store Inc. have gathered some tips on how to avoid those hacks. If you suspect that somebody tries to eavesdrop your calls – you may try to replace your SIM card. Don't install a new SIM in your old device because SIM number is connected with IMEI of your phone and evildoers will find that out really quickly. Always change the default PIN code of your headsets and other accessories. Sometimes it would be better to use mobile signal blocker to protect your phone from flash-SMS and other SMS food techniques. Keep your mobile phone safe.

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