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Modern Camera Drone: Epic Flight With Possible Threats


The world of movie making has definitely come a very long way since silent films which were super hits in their time with amazing actors like Charlie Chaplin making us totally split sides during the whole show. How about those Three Stooges which had a lot of eye poking being done without causing whichever blindness? Well, quickly rewind to today and that kind of special effects which you see in Hollywood movies would never have been dreamed about a few decennaries ago.

Video drones

All that equipment utilized for the film making was probably expensive and had the cost multiple times bigger than my net worth. But, German video effects company called OMStudios solved this problem in the creative way and utilized awesome Red Epic video camera installed on the flying drone – the customized Octocopter in a manner of speaking, and used it to record airborne videos with high resolution of up to 5000.

Sounds like amusing, but you would best master all controls of this drone because crashing would possibly make you to instantly hear 2 breaking sounds – the first one is of Red Epic camera, and the second one is of your heart. Just think about the thing that it would be much easier to use a crane and get that unique shot from above.

Opposite side

And now let’s look at this new thing from the opposite side. While it is cool to use it in the moviemaking industry, it may be also used for some dirty purposes. Just imagine how easy for a skilled guy controlling such drone to watch your every single step no matter what floor you are at. Imagined? And this is real and is already possible to happen.

Using camera jammer

So make yourself a favor and use camera drone jammer to secure yourself from being remotely spied and captured on the video with unknown purposes and usage!

What do you think about this new tech achievement? How it would be used in the future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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