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Alligator Powerful 10 bands Jammer (10W)
The Alligator is a powerful jammer that can simultaneously operate on up to 10 frequencies. The device's power is 10 W, which allows you to block signals at a distance of up to 30 meters. The Alligator is considered to be one of the most powerful devices on the market today.This jammer ensures data ..
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APJ-16 - portable All in one jammer
The APJ-16 is a portable jammer in the 164-5900 MHz band. Below you can see all the available jamming frequencies: APJ-16 for Europe APJ-16 for America 758-830MHz: 1.0W  5G, 4G LTE Low 850-895MHz: 1.0..
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FF15 Universal GSM GPS Jammer
FF15 is a GPS and GSM signal jammer that is multi-functional. This device helps to block the signals of complex tracking devices with high efficiency. With it, you can block devices that track the location of the phone and vehicles, regardless of where you are at the moment. This device is effective..
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Stalker 5G - 12 bands portable 5G jammer
Stalker 5G is a jammer that operates on 12 V power. The kit includes 12 jamming antennas, which significantly distinguishes the device from analogs. A particular fan is used as a cooling system, which allows you to remove excess heat energy. The device works within a radius of 20 meters. Jammer is u..
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TITAN - 8 bands mobile phone jammer (8W)
TITAN jammer is one of the most powerful portable jamming solutions currently available on the market, with a jamming range between 10-30 meters. It feels portable in your hands. However, it behaves like a high-power desktop unit. Dimensions are just 23*9*5cm, making this jammer look a bit more mass..
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MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer
MONSTRO 10 is the best mobile jammer that works with standard frequencies. It works with many wireless technologies, so almost nothing can compromise your privacy. The device operates within a range of 15 meters, protecting your data. Even the most modern technology cannot prevent blocking signals f..
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Shopping recommendations for you

Here you can get acquainted with modern and efficient jammers for GSM and GPS signals, which have high performance. Such equipment is in great demand. Among the main features, attention should be paid to the versatility of the equipment. It can be used to unravel a vast scope of issues. For example, many people often communicate on smartphones while driving, which can lead to various accidents and other consequences. If you do not want this, then it is best to choose a special jammer.

GSM can also be harmful in other areas of everyday life. For example, you can block tracking with special devices if you use this equipment. These products can have many benefits, as well as secure other possible signals that attackers use to track movements.

There is also such modern technology as Assisted GPS. This is a particular system that has high rates of efficiency and reliability. This technology uses several possible tools to track GPS signals at once, allowing you to achieve maximum efficiency. As a result, you can block signals that try to determine your exact location relative to the selected system. A-GPS technology is currently built into various smartphones and other mobile devices. To avoid disclosing your location, you can use a universal jammer. It will help to solve problems of varying degrees of complexity.

Another technology can compromise your security. For example, some systems track your location right in the room. Many Bluetooth and WiFi frequencies use additional equipment to monitor you. This is why you may need a WiFi/Bluetooth jammer to help protect your privacy, even at home.

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