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Alligator Powerful 10 bands Jammer (10W)
Alligator is an extremely powerful all frequencies jammer that is capable to disable 10 frequencies at the same time. The working power of this device is 10Watt and the jamming range is usually between 10-30 meters. So Alligator is the most powerful handheld  protection device on the market rig..
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APJ-16 - portable All in one jammer
First portable jammer ever which can completely jam all frequencies in the 164-5900MHz range. Just have a look at the frequencies that this jammer can fully disable: APJ-16 for Europe ..
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FF15 Universal GSM GPS Jammer
FF15 is a GSM GPS Jammer that has few types of usage. First of all is its main purpose – to serve you as device that can effortlessly deal with complex tracking systems which use Assisted GPS, or A-GPS, technology in order to locate your car or smartphone, depending on where this technology ..
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Stalker 5G - 12 bands portable 5G jammer
Jammer Stalker 5G has a good outgoing total jamming power - 12 W. In total with 12 antennas it shows an excellent result among the competing devices. For cooling the device has the integral fan of cooling with the system of openings on the case for heat extraction. Jamming radius is up to 20 meters...
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TITAN - 8 bands mobile phone jammer (8W)
TITAN jammer is one of the most powerful portable jamming solution currently available on the market with jamming range between 10-30 meters. It feels like a portable in your hands, however it definitely behave like a high power desktop unit. Dimensions are just 23*9*5cm which makes this jammer to l..
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MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer
  MONSTRO 10 best handheld mobile jammer works with all frequency bands used by the wireless devices around you except low frequencies and 4G band. When you have such device in your hands, there is almost nothing that can hurt your privacy or break the secrecy of your location within 15 meters..
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Shopping recommendations for you

This category is full of products which combine the advantages of blocking both GSM and GPS bands. It is quite useful to have such device at hand because it gives you real versatility in preventing many of modern threats with the help of one device. For example, such widespread problems as people which are constantly talking via their cell phone wherever they are regardless of other people around, or even road accidents and car crashes due to texting while driving. All those things might be prevented with the help of products from this category.

 Still not only GSM-related threats which are commonly appearing in our life might be prevented. Any kind of possible troubles which might be caused by GPS L1 tracking devices (commonly used in the USA and many other countries) are also may be avoided. Although these products cannot deal with as many tracking frequencies as specialized GPS jammers, they are capable of something unique that no other type of our devices can do.

Have you heard about modern technology called Assisted GPS? If not, you must know that it is an advanced tracking technology that uses a combination of GPS satellite tracking and cell phone tower location triangulation to find out your whereabouts much more quickly and precisely. This technology is shortly called A-GPS and nowadays it is embedded in probably all new GPS tracking devices (fleet tracking systems, for example) and new microchips inside the smartphones. Thus you need to use products from this category to prevent such complex tracking systems from exposing your location to law enforcement agencies which have no warrant to track you or from other illegal activities of people you do not familiar with.

Yet there is another emerging technology that can also put your privacy in the precarious position. I am talking about indoor tracking. As long as GPS tracking devices have weak signal inside buildings or even no signal at all, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth frequencies are used to monitor your movement indoors. So you need to use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Jammers against indoor tracking.

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