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Mini Camera To Take Surveillance. A Step Further Or New Threat?

The latest invention in the field of technology, an exceptionally small camera, that is almost invisible, is big leap for scientists of Rambus. This is a major milestone covered in the field of science and technology. This camera that is virtually impossible to detect can be used as an unbeatable tool to enable spying such as Google Glass. The camera with a tip that is smaller than the nib of a pencil has opened up many options for medical science and surveillance techniques.

The Jammer-store want to share the Technology Involved of this gadget:

  • It has specially designed sensors called the CMOS technology. It is a 1.2 mm camera that can provide clear images in medical operations especially when it comes to direct imaging of the human anatomy.

  • To reduce the overall size of the camera, it uses an image sensor of the size of 200 micron instead of regular lenses to catch light and process the final image from the captured light.

  • It is different from everyday cameras in terms of the technology involved to create it too. Regular lenses focus every ray of light into a sensor which then sorts out the rays to create the final image by the imaging processor. But this camera does not have traditional lenses due to the limitation of size. Instead it uses a grating that lets light enter through almost every orientation.

  • When light enters each the grating that has minute spiral patterns, it is then treated with a CMOS sensor. These patterns are then changed and transformed into actual images.The major problem that these scientists are now facing is with the resolution of the images that are still not up to the mark. The best that they have been able to develop are images of 128x128 mega pixels.

Industrial use:

The new camera can open up a number of possibilities for the industrial and technological market too. It can be a valuable tool in drilling inspections on micro levels, cartographical analysis and significantly, robotic tooling.

Yet to progress:

There still room for improvement when it comes to the quality of the image which is still being worked upon according to the scientists. But they are minor issues which can be improved with time. Scientists claim that this is the first major step towards developing the ultimate spy camera. Technicians are concentrating on reducing the bulk to make it light and compact.

Unfortunately it can be of great use for totalitarian governments and for spying purposes too. This marks a major step in anticipation of a huge technological advancement in the field of surveillance and videography that would make spying easy and almost undetectable. For personal safetly you can use special signal blocking devices.

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