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May I Have That Approval, Or How Malware Uses Permissions On Android

Permissions For Applications

Many are concerned about the protection of modern smartphones, so this topic deserves special attention. Now the FBK office has published a report on crimes connected to smartphones. It is now comprehended that the Android functioning technique is associated with many vulnerabilities. That is why you should use modern antivirus software for protection.

We have prepared the most insecure licenses your gadget uses. You should read the list carefully. Don't allow programs to access features they don't need. You should take care of your safety as much as possible.

Dialing phone numbers and sending messages

This allows you to use dialer and message apps. Many dangerous programs use such data to extort money from other people. If the program does not need a phone or messages, do not give such access.

Memory access

As a result, the program can use all the data on your machine. It can easily read and write all data. Many programs use these consents, but you should carefully monitor them to limit them if necessary.

Android App Permissions

Access to search history

Some programs request access to the search history and browser. If a questionable app asks for such access, you should deny it.

Access to the magazine

This license permits you to view technique descriptions. It contains various confidential information. There are no access exceptions.

Phone status scan

This is necessary so that applications can go offline. This can create issues with saving your place and tracking data.

Determination of the exact location

This necessary permission allows apps to use information from maps or other apps. Some use the data to track you.

Android Security

Location search

Some programs also use mobile phone triangulation to determine location.

Internet access

It affects the internet usage of the app. This is necessary for many problems, but not all, so you must watch for possible viruses.

Installing programs

This permission allows you to install programs. In this case, a virus is possible that will damage all files.

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