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LoJack devices, 4G Jammers

Stalker 5G - 12 bands portable 5G jammer
Stalker 5G is a jammer that operates on 12 V power. The kit includes 12 jamming antennas, which significantly distinguishes the device from analogs. A particular fan is used as a cooling system, which allows you to remove excess heat energy. The device works within a radius of 20 meters. Jammer is u..
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LoJack devices, trackers, detectors

Lojack jammers

LoJack blockers, XM radio scramblers and 4G jammers combine the wireless frequency bands of different purposes. The first frequency range, LoJack, is the low spectrum signal that is used for low frequency location tracking. It is not as popular as GPS tracking though LoJack trackers are often used to track new motorcycles or even some advanced laptops. Yet sometimes it is also used to track vehicles just like an ordinary satellite tracking systems do. So if you need to get rid of LoJack tracking device, you will find a Lojack jammer in this category.

XM radio jammers

The next frequency band on the list is XM radio – satellite entertainment channels where you can listen to music, radio shows, news and other stuff. XM radio is quite popular among students of many educational institutions, and many young boys and girls prefer to listen to XM radio instead of listening to their professor and writing down their conspectus. So our XM radio jammers help educationalists to keep their students focused on the current lectures, making the cause of their distraction disappear.

4G cell phone jammers

The last one here is 4G frequency band, which became very popular since such smartphones as HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, T-Mobile My touch and some others were released. It is an advanced communication frequency that is used for many purposes like cell phone talks, wireless internet access, and so on. It stands to reason that such wide usage pose many threats to you. For example, Femtocell technology uses 3G and 4G bands to connect all mobile devices in your house. Yet law enforcement agencies can use your Femtocell base station according to lawful interception requirements for eavesdropping of your cell phone calls or to track your location inside your own house. Or 4G frequency may be used as the extension link between access to WiFi internet and either your employees at work or bad guys inside your house. But 4G cell phone jammers from this category will stop any attempts of using 4G band nearby. 

4G frequency range may also serve as the communication channel for hidden surveillance cameras but most of them use other wireless signals for their work. If you need to make sure that there are no hidden spy cameras inside any room, you need to use Bug Detectors for that. Still if there are any cameras there, those devices will find them all.

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