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LG Optimus Slider: Social Media Users Really Excited


Along with the iPhone 4S release, it looks like to be raining cell phones in the USA, with the newest proclamation about upcoming LG Optimus Slider by means of Virgin Mobile USA. Gliding into the surface of mobile terrain equipped with full keyboard that is simple to use, this Android smartphone has been created particularly for addicted social networkers.

"With LG Optimus Slider we are bringing our clients an updated OS and keyboard which will slide-out,” said Business Line Director of Virgin Mobile USA Mark Lederman. “In accordance with NPD Group, year-by-year liking for a touchscreen has practically tripled amongst prepaid purchasers, and 21% of all clients say that having nice QWERTY keyboard is very motivating when making your purchase. Paired with the popularity that we have seen on LG Optimus V model we are anticipating with pleasure to bring this fresh solution to Virgin Mobile USA."


It is also worth to mention that social networking lifestyle application called Virgin Mobile Live 2.0 is pre-loaded in this LG Optimus slider mobile phone. Along with access to the different Virgin Mobile music, this app brings live music videos and in addition famous check-in features used in Android devices. Furthermore, it is synced for usage with status updates in Facebook and Twitter profiles as well.


So if you are social media addict and adore sharing a lot of fun stuff with your friends – start getting happy and purchase this awesome smartphone! But if you are from the opposite camp and don’t like when people overusing their mobile keyboards near you, you need to get another smart device. It is called LG Optimus Slider Jammer and can help you to stop those annoying keyboard clickers from bothering you again.


What do you think about LG Optimus Slider? What camp you are in? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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