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Legal Issues With Jammers

The legal issues of jamming devices is one topic that has been discussed pretty often and in this article we will try to pay attention to all aspects out there that are worth of paying attention to. First of all we would like to start by saying that at the beginning when signal blockers of any kinds were introduced to the public society, they were allowed for usage. Later when the governments started realizing that this might be a threat to society, the people decided that it would be better to put a restriction to these types of devices because of two reasons. First – it was really hard to tell people not to use those devices near a police station and second – almost any person could get one of those portable frequency blockers, even if he was a terrorist which increased the chance of such attack. But on the other hand the same technology protects public places from IEDs all over the world. And we at Jammer-Store Inc. may tell you that the same technology saved dozens of lives out there in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, we understand this and we support the decision of those governments, but we want to ask something which is actually pretty important and we haven’t received a logic answer so far. Basically the question is the following – how can we protect our privacy when we are not allowed to take the needed measures in order to save it? Many people have tried to answer to these questions but so far almost nobody managed to do it in the way we want.

This is why we think that there are many types of cell phone zappers that are not that dangerous. This means that the governments should think more logical and decide whether or not some of those frequency blockers should be allowed. One of those devices is the remote control blocker – we do believe that this is the right type of a jamming device that every person should use. There is nothing dangerous in it and it can be used as a prank device.

You can jam the signal of all TV remote controls, remotely controlled doors, and the remote controls for the garages. It is pure fun and it is not dangerous at all. But the main purpose of that device is to block the work of code grabbers, which can be used by car hijackers to steal cars.

Unfortunately most of the governments don’t think so and they have decided that since one of those signal blockers is dangerous, then all those devices should be restricted. This is why it is better to know everything about your local laws. We do believe that the situation and legal issues with those types of devices should be changed simply because we want to know that we are free and we can do whatever it takes in order to protect our privacy. There are many ways thanks to which a person could be spied on but there is no single legal way in which a person could protect his rights and privacy – this is why jamming devices should be legal for usage by any person.

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