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Lack of required safety functions in Android 4.4

We are all aware that the Android operating system powers more than a billion smart phones and tablets and that technological advancements have actually resulted in the production and release of newer and seemingly better versions of phones, tablets and operating systems with each release providing you with new possibilities. About a history of the Android OS we wrot early. The Android 4.4 Kit Kat is the newest addition to the Android family and comes with improved features. With Android being a preferred framework given that it has been existent for years, it would be okay for you to completely trust any new release given that you are of the opinion that it is a secure and stable Operating system and thus reliable. This is however not true as the Android 4.4 Kit Kat is also vulnerable.

Operating system features

As already pointed out before, the Android 4.4 Operating System comes with improved features such as immersive mode – an updated screen lock design, an update of NFC powered features, always on – enabling you to experience hands-free navigation of your phone and/or tablet, an updated dialler, decreased fragmentation when using Project Svelte, integration of text messages, caller ID and hangouts, complete emoji keyboard, compatibility of TV and Bluetooth, screen recording in addition to cloud printing and storage. This notwithstanding, the improved features of the Android 4.4 Kit Kat has essentially resulted in a number of manufacturers setting up plans to make their devices up to date by installing this operating system.

Security features

Android security features are designed to protect your data as well as system resources while providing isolation of applications in your smartphones as well as tablets. As such, the developers of the Android 4.4 Kit Kat also put this into consideration and have thus put security measures into place. These include the use of SELinux to reinforce the Android sandbox to provide extra protection against possible security vulnerabilities and Per User VPN which allows you to direct your network traffic through the VPN without having to affect other users sharing the same device with you. However, the Android smartphones hit on the Top 5 of most dangerous devices.

In addition, the Android 4.4 Kit Kat also has a feature that will warn you in case an additional certificate is added to your device without your knowledge. As such, it enables you to monitor any encrypted network traffic besides detecting and preventing the use of fraudulent Google certificates that are normally used to access secure SSL/TLS communication protocols. 

Using jamming devices

Our company Jammer-Store Inc. has some questions to Google and their new OS version. In spite of all these security features, the Android 4.4 kit Kat does not include the most important safety measures such as enabling you to out rightly know if an antivirus is genuine or not thereby making you unable to know whether your devices are actually protected from malware and spyware while preventing instances of encountering phishing scams from cyber criminals. Similarly, this operating system does not enable you to see the kind of apps that are able to gain access into your private information and whether any form of data that you delete from your device is permanently wiped out to prevent further access by other individuals. And you should not forget about the vulnerability of mobile networks, so the use of Cell Phone Jammers would be appropriate.

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