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Jammers In Different Countries

Jammers in Different Countries

It was the newsmen who detected it first. Incapable to call their co-workers while attending the weddings of the wealthy and famous people, they asked the clergyman why their mobile phones never functioned at Sacred Heart. His answer was: “Israeli counterintelligence”.

Using jammers

In 4 Monterrey temples, mobile phone jamming devices as small as the paperback books have been hidden unostentatious amongst pictures of the Madonna and sculptures of the saints. The jarring multicolored din of ringing mobile phones is progressively being frustrated - from devout sanctuaries, India's legislative body to Tokyo local train - by tools originally designed to aid safety forces to avoid eavesdropping and prevent phone-activated bombings. The Indian legislative body had jamming devices installed after legislators neglected the demands to switch off their mobile telephones and law-making sessions were invariably stopped. In Italian Republic, universities began utilizing the cell phone jammers when they had noticed that with the help of cell phones students were deceiving on exams by texting or taking photos of tests.

"There is still plenty of people who do not comprehend that being at Mass is sharing an instant with God," commented the Rev. Juan Jose Martinez, a delegate for archdiocese. "Unfortunately, we had no other alternative but to utilize these little jammers."

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