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Jammer – Ideal Weapon Against Falsification

President Elections in Ukraine

Once again Ukrainians had to choose a person to lead them to the bright future and yet again some candidates tried to use any possibility to gain more votes, even illegal ones. In addition to “standard” methods of falsification that were used in 2004, improved ways of interfering into voting process took place.

Using new technologies

It is well-known fact that the most widely spread method of falsification at any elections is bribing of voters. But this method has one big disadvantage, voter may take money and still vote for another candidate. It was almost impossible to find out the voter’s choice until now. New technologies made possible for a person to gain full control over the voting process of another person with the help of various spy gadgets. Thus some political parties started to place small hidden wireless cameras on the bribed voters to get real time video from voting cabin and so got the opportunity to check whether the voter made the “right” decision. Also for these purposes mobile phones that support video calls were used.

Special jammers

Knowing all this, some parties equipped their representatives with special jammers to block 2.4 GHz frequency and thus to prevent opponents from using wireless cameras. Also GSM and 3G jammers were used to disable any cell phones at the voting cabins. In the vast majority of cases a single jammer was used. This universal jammer not only blocks all these bands but also is highly compact so there were no problems with discreet usage of it.

As we can see, jammers become more and more popular at the post-Soviet territories. The demand for jammers is growing not only among ordinary people but also among different government officials and organizations. In winter 2010 jammers were used at the elections, in spring 2010 they are supposed to be used during school exams. What’s next?

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