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Is it true that someone can use Google Glass for violation of my privacy rights?

Hi there, I'm really excited with those Glasses from Google, but I'm concerned how that gadget will work with our privacy rights? As far as I understand anyone with that device will be able to spy on me and I would not even know it. So, in that case, I'd like to know how that gadget communicates with the outer world and is there a way to stop it? Many thanks in advance!

Hello Brandon!

Google Glass — is one of the most exciting projects, we at Jammer-Store have heard of recently. It is hard to tell how exactly will that work, because as you probably know there is still no united concept of the device. But we will try to answer you question, while based on what's known for sure. First of all we have to say that the answer to you question is yes, Google Glass can really spy on you with it's hidden wireless camera. So if you see the guy with such a device on his nose – be careful.

The second point here is that, that there is no legal way to accuse any Glass user for spying, because there is no way to check that. Also, you should know that Google Glass will have only a couple of means for communication. It will be mounted with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module and will pair your smartphone to use its 3G or 4G connection. And here lies a principle vulnerability of the device, because Wi-Fi networks can be hacked and Bluetooth connections can be compromised too.

But, fortunately, there is a way how to block that gadget. As long as it uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transmit the data it gathers, a simple 2,4 GHz jamming device will be able to block it. In that case Glass won't be able to transmit any data, because it won;t be able to connect user's smartphone.

Thanks for your question, I hope I've managed to help.

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