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Illegal Privacy Breach: How Governmental Structures Spying On You


The government has many ways on how to spy on anybody, but this one goes really far. It has been made so tricky and unnoticeable that you could say that the one who invented it is a genius. And you would probably do so if only this mechanism was not intended to spy on you and people you know.

So how it works? Let’s find out!

6 Steps Of Spying

  • Cell phone A is dialing cell phone B, or sending a text message to it, or an e-mail. In any way the certain amount of data goes from one mobile phone to another.
  • In order to get to the cell phone B, signal goes to the nearest base tower to have the access to mobile network. From here it can go further.
  • The next stop on the signal’s way is the centre of mobile switching and SMS processing. Here this signal is duplicated (no matter if it is voice call, text message, e-mail or the data you browse on the internet) and now two signals will go different ways.


  • The original signal continues its way to cell phone B, thus your conversation will go normally and sending a text message, or e-mail, or simply browsing internet sites will be going as usual. You will not notice the difference, and cell phone B user will not notice it too.
  • The second signal goes to the Office of Interception Centers where the working staff can listen to your ongoing conversations or record them, read your text messages, browse e-mails and even monitor the addresses of websites you are visiting.
  • When there is something interesting or suspicious has been found among all this stuff, the data is recorded and sent to the intelligence agencies of the appropriate kind. The voice conversations are transcribed before sending.

Preliminary Protection

As you can see, this mechanism works well and quite effective. Along with the ability to track cell phones which turned off or listen to the surroundings of mobile phone through its microphone we may be left without any glimpse of privacy.


All can be seen or heard by the government. How can you prevent it?

There is no need to go far to find the solution, because it is really near you. Protect yourself and people you love with anti-spying signal jammers and be prepared to the possible illegal interruptions of your personal freedom in the future!

What do you think about this governmental mechanism? Does it worth using or it must be opposed by people in the name of personal freedom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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